Resistance of a certain type — mental, emotional, physical — enables a person to have an experience of separation from the ‘other.’ It is the basis of duality, wars and all conflicts and disharmony internal and external.

The resistance or repulsion of electromagnetic charges enables the separation of physical forms. This apparent separation is a perspective of the brain and senses. We know that in actuality, an undifferentiated plasm (the Void) is the medium for the frequency waves which comprise the manifest. Separation is an illusion generated by resistance.

For him this world is Maya — illusion, and the true life is that which is unmanifest. – Hindustani Lyrics (various)

Now, this resistance is not meant in the same way as when the word is used for physical fitness. In that case, resistance to build muscle strength is useful. Resistance to disease of course is beneficial, and sometimes resistance towards domination is an appropriate response. Even the resistance which creates the illusion of separation has a purpose, as it makes possible the observer and the observed.

However, if a person has had their fill of the one-sided sense of separation which dominates the world, and would have an experience of oneness while still in the body, something new has to happen.

The essence of ancient wisdom and modern psychology and philosophy distills into a single, simple phrase of great usefulness and practical application — ‘Mastery of the Moment.’

The ability to lower the degree of one’s resistance towards the local moment is a step towards mastery. Another step is the merge of the persona with the greater Moment. An understanding of how the terms ‘local’ and ‘greater’ are used in this context is given in the articles, MASTERY OF THE MOMENT and MERGING WITH THE MOMENT.

To assist the willing and dedicated persona in taking those steps there is the Mantra of the Moment, which is now available in printed form. These posters, greeting cards and mugs serve as a reminder of  the on-going alchemical process of transforming old habits into newly expanded awareness.


I let go of resistance.

I let go of tension.

I connect with the Heart.

I embrace all as it is.

I am one with the Moment.

I trust who I am.

It is not enough to recite the mantra by rote. If it stays in the head, it won’t be very effective. The words must be felt in the heart space to be transforming. When I think or say the mantra, I feel at least parts of it most of the time. At ‘I let go of tension,’ my muscles relax. At ‘I am one with the Moment,’ I feel deep love for the universal presence which is the greater Moment, the Void. 

Search for the deeper meaning in each word [of the mantra]. This may help you recognize the potency of each word and you’ll see that less is more. – Leaf Howell

Letting go of resistance is particularly effective for me in the instant of feeling resistance of any type, such as criticism, defense or dissatisfaction. I know that lowering my resistance towards the local moment is the gateway to feeling union with the whole of Being.

Following are excerpts from the search results on the keyword ‘resistance’ on the Whole Human site and blog. Click here for more reading.

Having no resistance to the local moment and being merged with the greater Moment (Void consciousness), is a state of bliss. It is the ultimate awakening. 

Lowered emotional resistance can raise the effectiveness of resistance towards domination, when uncontrolled anger is replaced with resolute will. Mastery of the emotions is the gateway to merging the persona with the Moment.

I have started a similar practice, to be intimate with the ‘small things’ of daily life. Even when it is something I have aversion or resistance towards, I go into it, feel it, neutralize any charge I may have towards it. I notice this softens and expands my overall awareness and experience.

What prevents connection is contraction.
What causes contraction is resistance.

Why merge with the moment? For one, it dissolves resistance. When I am not resisting life, I am more alive.

Just as electrons which meet conductive resistance in a copper wire cannot move, conscious electrons which meet the resistance of a closed human heart cannot go further in communication or cooperation.

This entire Universe is 100% on your side. Any sense of opposition or conflict is created by your own attitude of resistance to the world. 

….so focused in thought that I lose connection with my heart and surroundings, or when I am overwhelmed by contracting emotions such as resistance, defense, stress or anxiety. When I become aware of imbalance, I Heart Breathe to restore a sense of equanimity and equilibrium.


At the Banjos in Alhama de Granada, the hot springs in the Spanish countryside flow out of the hills into three tiers of rock-lined pools, then into an icy stream.

I was enjoying the relaxing warmth of the lower pool when I noticed that a large woman in the upper pool was shaving the hair under her arms, and the hairs were floating in the current to the lower pools.

My first body reaction was to tighten in resistance. Then the words rose inside me, “It’s all atoms.” I relaxed and allowed that to sink in, giving assent, and expanded beyond the pools with the realization that the atoms of the underarm hairs are no more repulsive than the leaves and the earth. It was only the meaning that I had given it, based on old patterns, that had caused the reaction.

When I let go of the resistance, the separating electrical-emotional charge was gone. Not only could I now embrace the whole, and enjoy my time in the hot pool, the awareness of my persona expanded and became more spacious. Colors were brighter, I heard songbirds not heard before, and felt at one with my surroundings.


The mastery diagram and the mantra are available on posters, canvas prints, greeting cards and more, as a reminder of one’s process of transformation.

‘Mastery of the Moment’ is about ‘expanding human awareness with the more complete perspective of universal consciousness, the Void.’

The ‘Mantra of the Moment’ facilitates mastery.

Higher vibes. Higher qualities. Higher thoughts. Higher actions.

It is a journey without destination, to Know Yourself on ever-deeper levels.

The story of ‘the store’ spans several years — from my discovery of a Cretan stone labyrinth in a sheep pasture found in the midst of a Baltic region forest (Pathways and Openings), to drawing labyrinth-like designs which became the basis of Emanate Presence and Rumi Art, to writing the Whole Human blog and unfolding the Mastery and Mantra of the Moment. ​Z links to Emanate Presence on Zazzle.

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