Thrive Global: What’s important in your life outside of work? 

Erica Redman: My children and God are important to me outside of work.  

TG: What helps you thrive? 

ER: My son, because I know I have to be my best for him. I make time for the important things in my life with the support of my director, Ben Elwood, who encourages his team to have a healthy work-life balance, and reminds us that family comes first.

TG: Tell us about the role well-being plays in your life and work. How would you advise that others tend to their own well-being and help support it for their peers? 

ER: Everyone should schedule time for themselves, even if it’s an hour a day. You can’t help others if you aren’t at your best.

TG: When you notice you’re getting too stressed, what do you do to course-correct? 

ER: I stop to take a breather, understand what’s allowing me to be stressed, and then make a different plan.

TG: Tell us about your evening routine that helps you unwind and sleep better. 

ER: On the ride home, I think of how my day went at work. I think of what I could have done better, and I remember the wins. I do this ritual on my commute so that when I’m home, I don’t think about work. When I get home, I shower and watch a show or read something I didn’t have the opportunity to do that day.

TG: What is your joy trigger? 

ER: My joy triggers are seeing my children happy, acknowledging small wins at work, and accomplishing my dreams.


  • Erica Redman

    Shift Manager- Henderson, NV Distribution Center

    I started at Levi in 2013 as a Shipping Supervisor, and now I’m night shift’s Operations Manager. I’m from Paulsboro, New Jersey. I’ve worked at Hewlett Packard as small parts Supervisor and Bags To Go as Operations Manager. Most importantly, I’m a mother of two exceptional children