Various  trends come and go, but there’s one that has recently become huge and it seems that it’s here to stay: people are actually caring immensely about their health. Now that sounds like a bandwagon you’d like to jump on, doesn’t it? Technology has enabled us to do things our grandparents or even parents never thought possible, but what is it all worth if you’re sitting down with the flu every time winter comes around? Our immune systems are worth keeping alert and potent at all times, so we can be with people we love and doing things we enjoy. Here are some tips on how you can improve your health and overall wellbeing. Better safe than sorry, right?

1.      Pay Attention to Your Diet

Okay, sorry, this is not a ground-breaking advice. We all know that we should watch closely what we eat, it’s a given. But the annoying truth is that we don’t really have the time necessary for that! Maybe you really want to live off chicken breast and broccoli and maybe you genuinely love grilled white fish, but if you’re busy with work and deadlines that seem to never end, you just can’t spend precious time in kitchen, and you’re likely to reach for a pastry for breakfast and taco delivery for lunch. To you we say: try allocating time on Sunday morning to bring some easy-to-make recipes to life – the internet is full of them! If even two hours at a time is a no-go, then invest in your snacks. Stock up on fruits and nuts, and reach for them instead for a chocolate bar. If you make even minor changes to your diet, it will notice, and you’ll feel better. Give it a go for a week or two – maybe it prompts you to start bringing your own lunch!

2.      Love Your Teeth

Your teeth and your dental routine in general can tell a lot about your health. Of course, since they’re pretty much in everybody’s face when you speak, it can’t hurt if they are beautiful as well! Taking care of your teeth can prevent some serious other illnesses down the line, so in addition to brushing regularly twice a day, introduce floss and mouth water, eat a lot of crunchy food that will act as a plaque remover – apples and carrots are great for this – and do regular check-ups. A professional and reliable dentist you trust will help determine if there are any steps or special products you should be using to maintain your pearly whites for as long as possible.

3.      Hydrate

We know about the importance of H2O, but so many people still fail to hydrate as much as their bodies need. Are you one of them, and do you only reach for a glass when you’re thirsty? If so, it needs to change. When being properly hydrated, your organism functions better, your kidney function is improved, your skin looks bright and glowing, and and you can manage your weight more successfully. If you have troubles remembering to drink water, try connecting drinking water to another thing that you do routinely, such as when brushing your teeth, upon entering the office or have a glass together with your regular coffee. If, on the other hand, you don’t like how water tastes, add some sliced cucumber to it, or squeeze several drops of lemon juice into it.

4.      Move Every Day

Maybe you already exercise several times a week, but the goal is to move every single day, and it could be more significant little thing people do to improve their health and overall life. You could take the stairs instead of the lift, walk to run your errands, or even park a bit further – just for the sake of moving a bit. Our bodies are meant to move, and the longer you just sit around, the faster your body will break down. This sounds harsh, but it is what it is. So put on your shoes and go walk around the block, or do some quick 100-m sprints. You can be done in less than 15 minutes, and everybody has this much time.

5.      Spend Quality Time with People You Love

You can be the healthiest person alive physically, but it’s only half of your overall wellbeing if it’s not supplemented with emotional stability. Good social life can seriously benefit the quality of your life, and the opposite is also the case: loneliness can affect physiology so much that it can increase the risk of early death. It doesn’t matter if you don’t have dozens of friends and acquaintances: it’s the quality that matters. Even if it’s just one good friend or a sibling who you see regularly and who makes you smile and holds your hand when the times are rough, maintain that relationship and let it blossom.

Actually caring about ourselves is not a full-time job, even though it may seem so sometimes. The steps you need to take to become a healthier and happier individual are good habits you can form, so start working on those today.