Hot Money Studios

Milwall conjures up many images but it would be fair to say that ‘creative hub’ is far from most people’s first choice of description.

It’s no secret that Milwall and the wider South Bermondsey area has been better known for the exploits of their football fans over the years than creative endeavours – but something unique has been bubbling away in South Bermondsey for the past decade that has had a profound effect on UK culture and shaped some of the UK urban music scene’s biggest acts.

Big sounds from Bermondsey!

On a home match day, there’s a deafening barrage of singing that blasts out from The Den, signaling that Milwall and their vocal legion of fans are in residence but just a quick 5-minute walk away there is an altogether higher musical endeavor underway.

This is Hot Money Studios – launched in 2008 by musician and UK Garage sensation Patrick Osei aka Bigshot!

A classically trained pianist and composer, Patrick stormed the music scene in 2002 with breakthrough UK Garage hits such as Stomp, Glitch and Deep Down. His innovative musical talent saw him contribute to The Streets critically acclaimed album Original Pirate Material with the remix to the track Don’t Mug Yourself Off.

It wasn’t long before the music industry sat up and took notice.

Patrick was nominated for ‘Best 4×4 Producer’ at the Sidewinder’s People Choice Awards receiving praise from DJ’s and journalists alike with DJ Magazines Phillipa Reed describing his club smash ‘Stomp’ as an “anthem” which “rippled earthquake- like through the underground” and Deuce Magazines Elle J Small describing him as “Wicked at 4×4 and capable of making the real nasty 8-bar grime with more imagination and intellect than many producers put together”

Launching Hot Money Studios

Patrick recognised that for many emerging underground artists there was a lack of quality studio space and limited opportunities for them to build experience and develop in a professional environment. Seeing the opportunity, Patrick launched Hot Money Studios and in 2009 they moved into the Atomic Studios music complex in South Bermondsey – owned by the acclaimed bass guitar player Robin Rawlinson (Rawlinson has worked with Ian Hunter, Christine Perfect of Fleetwood Mac, Freddie Mercury, Alison Moyet and Rick Astley to name just a few)

Hot Money Studios tapped into the early days of social media, capitalizing on MySpace to build up an incredible clientele during the early boom of the UK urban scene.

For his part, Patrick embraced the new acts coming through the doors, working as engineer, producer and in many cases mentor. Patrick’s energy and dedication to educating acts on every aspect of recording studio London and giving them the environment in which to learn has left a lifelong impression on so many Hot Money Studio clients and seen them go on to achieve incredible mainstream success.

Stormzy, Stefflon Don, Krept and Konan, Ard Adz, Paigey Cakey are just a few of the artists who emerged from this hotbed of creativity in South Bermondsey.

A decade of international success

When you browse through the back catalogue of past clients, it seems incredible that they all passed through the doors of this unassuming studio hidden away in South East London.

A quick snapshot of the past decades highlights at Hot Money Studios saw SBTV founder Jamal Edwards MBE shoot some of his first 100k viral videos at Hot Money.

The YouTube sensation Esmee Denters who signed with Justin Timberlake worked with Hot Money Studios on various songs for her album.

Hot Money has worked with EastEnders actress Preeya Kalidas on her EP and with TOWIE star Jessica Wright on material for the show.

Hot Money Studios has also worked with DJ Poet of the Black Eyed Pears, Rihanna songwriters Rose Benson and Alicia Renee, Jay Sean on a Universal music project and with Letha B.

With a steadfast focus on excellence, zero compromise on equipment and a wealth of experience behind him, Patrick and Hot Money Studios have brought a winning formula to South Bermondsey and an uncanny ability to uncover and develop talent.