There’s a celebratory feeling in setting goals or resolution on New Year’s that doesn’t exist at other times of the year. “It’s about hopefulness and happiness!” in the beginning of every year. Most family especially parents will reflect on last year and create New Year’s resolutions for themselves. Do you help your children to make theirs?

The turning of the calendar can be a prime time to focus on building new good habits, on the children, creating healthy New Year’s resolutions for children is a fantastic activity and family bonding time. At home, we encourage our children to make their New Year’s resolution, through simple and practical ways.

✅ 1. Make Year Review together in setting New Year resolution

Children above 5 years old will begin to be mindful and to understand others’ perspectives, it’s us who could help open up their view to a broader goals of how to become their best selves. Below are simple and practical questions to trigger the little minds to express their views and tell you their minds:

1. What’s greatest lesson you learned in 2018?

2. What’s hardest lesson you had overcome in 2018?

3. What’s your favorite memory of 2018?

4. What do you love yourself in 2018?

5. What you plan to learn in 2019?

6. What you plan to get better at 2019?

Tips#1: Please do Highlight on their earlier successes, point to the bright spot where the child is doing well before going into discussion.

Tips#2: For young kids that do not favor writing (yet), parents / teachers may just start discussing with them in a friendly conversation mode. You may also get them to draw on a white paper as they described to you.

Tips#3: Resolutions should always be discussed in a positive approach. Example: Do encourage your children “I’m going to do this…” instead of “I’m going to STOP doing this …” the former way shall reinforce the proactive attitude in the children.

✅ 2. Make the New Year Resolution as a Family

While we toast the New Year with wishes and joy, we could bring family resolutions to the dining or kitchen table, do it as a whole family. Children look to us to learn how to approach this task literally.

2018 has been a great learning experience in my family – Father, me and the 2 boys. It’s my year-end todo to run year end review with my husband and with my children. My 8 y/o told me that he want to continue to build good robot in 2019, as a result of his New Year resolution, he made a decision to practice better soldering and engineering activity. In addition, one may make family New Year Resolution as a family’s goal, rather than as individual’s aim, such as: eating well in family dining, family exercise routine, reading time, charity time (good act) together and family values (refresher on good manners).

✅ 3. Adults are the role model on their resolution

When it comes to resolutions, it’s important for parents (and teachers) to lead and practice by example. In other words, “We have to walk the walk and talk the talk to be most effective.” You never know what’s coming out from their New Year resolution, let’s together raise happy children in 2019, let children be children and allow them to take part in our life by being more talkative, imaginative and creative. Create opportunity for them to discuss on their dreamed creation, to invent their own toys, to explore the world of science and life beings, pay attention to current and technologies, indulge in their art and design thinking. Children are more likely to carry out their resolution if they see you sticking to our own goal (which may be tough at times).

Faith makes all things possible
Hope makes all things work
Love makes everything beautiful

✨ Accepting the good and the bad (with kindness, compassion), I wish the good and great people & souls around me, have an abundance of all 3 & more, every day in 2019.

✨ May there always be peace in your heart and love & laughter in your home.