accept life

We hear more about Self Confidence, the Power of Persistence, Determination and GRIT. Everywhere we hear about people who found out great solutions for their problems, but at times Acceptance can be the best solution to many of our problems.

Now let us travel to a faraway magic land where many wizards and Kings ruled together.

The kings and the wizards were not in harmony with one another. There will always be some fights between them but at times the wizards due to anger may even turn the kings into some wild animals, and when the time came some kings will, in turn, kill the wizards, this happened periodically among them.

just accept life

Now there was a fight between the wizard called “Always Angry” ? and between the King called”Never give up”. The battle became intense and finally, the Always angry wizard cursed our King Never give up that he will turn to a Big fat pig ? in 24 hours.
The king was unfortunate for he knew that a wizard’s curse will never fail. He called his only son Happy, informed him about the evil and ordered him that his head should be cut off immediately after he turned into PIG. The king could no longer tolerate the humiliation of being turned into a Pig and wanted his life to be ended.

The next day morning, the young happy went to meet to Mr.Never Give up, who had, in turn, turned into a Big fat pig ?. The Prince took his sword and with great sadness when he was about to cut off his fathers head, he was suddenly stopped.

Mr.Pig told his son” My dear son I don’t know how this PIG life will be, so I want you to cut off my head next week till then let me see how pigs really live”. So the Prince left his father with great sadness and went to the Palace to continue his duties and to look after his fathers land.

Next Week came, The prince was shocked to see his father had a new Girlfriend PIG and was quite adjusting his life. His father informed the prince, not to kill him now. Even though he wanted to die due to humiliation, still he felt responsible for his new life. He informed him to come in two, and he would face his death willingly.

Two months passed the prince went to meet his father, now he found him with four more baby pigs calling him father and also had two other wives with him!!. (Remember his name was NEVER GIVE UP)
His father asked his son not to kill him as he never wanted to die further. He had a purpose in his life as a PIG. His family was the source of his happiness. Even though he had been humiliated in his life and the form he now was, still he had learned to accept his problem and made up his mind to move on with his life.

The Young prince threw his sword and wished him Luck for his Piggy Life. Poor guy, he wanted to hug his father.

We at all times Face many problems in our life. The issues can come in any form and any shape. There are always Four ways to handle any challenge.
When a problem has arisen, we can act as if the problem will be automatically solved by an unknown source someday and indulging in all distractive vices like drinking smoking etc. We can also keep telling that it happened due to our fate and nothing is there in our hands.

Completely running away from the problem and playing the blame game among us.

Having a deep determination and making sure all our problems need to be solved and understanding that all issues will definitely have a solution.

Learn to Accept the Problem and fully understand that not all problems in life need to be fought but learning to accept them itself will reveal a great solution and purpose in our life.

The kind of problems that need some acceptance could be,
Some who would have lost his body parts due to some accident and under this condition he should accept his life as such and find a deeper meaning for his existence in this world.

Many who are in deep Medical problems which cannot be cured and they have only a few days left to live. They can learn to really live the remaining days of their life with Purpose rather than mere existence.
People who had lost a loved one, who can never be repurchased no matter what. They need to remember that Life has to move on. Birth and Death are facets of our existence and cannot be changed.

We need to understand what our real problems are, many times we need to accept our problems to keep moving in our life.

God grant me the serenity
to accept the things I cannot change;
courage to change the things I can;
and wisdom to know the difference.
Thanks for reading