ways to relax in five minutes

The next conference call is about to start in five minutes, you have to put an assignment in front of your boss, you are about to deliver a presentation or there is a visit by headquarter team in a moment, in other words, this is a perfect time to relax.

There might not be enough time to visit a beach or coffee shop with your family, or going to a lonely place to get enough hours of sleep. We have researched and collected these top seven useful super easy ways to relax in less than 5 minutes.

Pay attention to your thumbs.

If you are typing for a long time and facing sore wrists, you need not worry about. Simply focus on your thumbs. Start pinching the area between your thumbs and index finger. Massage it in circle and semi-circles, clockwise and anti-clockwise. Keep your hands firm yet gentle according to your desired relaxation stage.

You will suddenly feel relax after some time because of the release of tension from your shoulders to arms and neck. These five minutes can give a booster to restart the work again.


You must be thinking that you already know this but believe me, you can enhance the effect of this simple breathing exercise with some useful body techniques and mind game. When you start inhaling, imagine that all the good things like sunlight, cool breeze, rain and anything you like are going inside your body through your nostrils and bringing all the joy and happiness with the air.

While you exhale, start thinking that all the negative aspects of your personality are also going out and away with the CO2 you are exhaling. These five minutes could well turn around to be the most precious of all time.

A Spoon Full of Honey Can Lift you up.

Stress is sour and you can replace it with a teaspoon full of sweet honey. Honey is a natural antibiotic and proven antiseptic used since ancient times. It also works perfect as a skin moisturizer and makes your day. When you are suffering from stress and anxiety, you need to use honey because it helps your brain reduce irritation effect.

Talk to Your Wife.

When you are feeling stress and not able to concentrate on your work, take a break. Rest your head against the back of your chair and pick up the phone. Call your wife and talk about some daily routine at the first and then start talking about the golden days you spent at your honeymoon or picnic party at some beautiful island. Cherish the moment and feel as if all the energy you lost during the long hours of work has been restored due to the happy times you spent with your wife. If you are facing stress because of erectile dysfunction, consult your physician and start treatment. There is some very useful medicine in the market to help you feel better like Viagra, Kamagra-jelly, and Cialis. You can buy Kamagra-Jelly online and get the product at your doorstep within no time.

Eat Dark Chocolate.

Chocolate is one of the most loved sweets in the world. A small square of this sweet stuff can regulate your metabolism and relive stress. Always keep a pack full of wonderful chocolate in your office table drawer to cheer you up In difficult times.

Massage your Ear.

Auricular acupressure or ear massage is not very famous yet very affective stress releasing exercise in traditional Chinese therapies. Start the massage from Shen Men (Middle of the upper third of the ear) and you will feel a gradual decrease in anxiety and stress level. If you are struggling to find the exact spot, just start from earlobes and go up slowly. This will also give the same feeling and the results are also the same as Shen Men.

Rub your Feet over A Golf Ball.

Yes, you heard it, a golf ball can give you relief from anxiety and stress. Take a gold ball and place it under your chair or table, anywhere you feel comfortable. Remove your shoes and put your feet on it. Slowly rub your feet on it from heel to toe and toe to heel. Now put the pressure you can absorb and feel the difference. In the begging you will find it somehow difficult to stand over it, but as the said practice makes a man perfect. You will feel better after just five minutes.


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