Everyone wants to be successful. You do not have to sell your soul to the devil or work 90 hour weeks, however to do that.

Here are three one-minute manners’ tips for branding yourself as a go-getter and still having time for yourself:

1 — Take the initiative with simple things.

A perfect example is to greet others BEFORE jumping into conversation. While this seems like a no-brainer thing to do, not greeting others with a “good morning,” good afternoon,” “good evening,” or just plain “hello” is a commonly-made faux pas by individuals born in the U.S.

Notice what happens when you put this nicety into practice. Better chance than not, this common sense act of kindness will also help you get the person’s full attention which will allow your request to be heard.

2 — Be proactive rather than reactive.

When invited to a meeting, make a point of asking, “What may I do to prepare for the meeting?” or “What would you like my role to be at the meeting?” This proactive approach will impress the person spearheading the meeting. It also will differentiate you from others who have been invited and assume that their role is to simply warm a conference room seat.

3 — Don’t be on time, be early!

A sure fire way to brand yourself for success is to always BE KEPT WAITING rather than to have others wait for you — for even five minutes.

By arriving a few minutes early to both business and personal gatherings, you will demonstrate that you are looking forward to the get-together. Arriving even a few minutes late — no matter what the occasion, can easily be interpreted as a personal affront.

When you brand yourself as an individual who knows how to manage your time, the peripheral benefit will be, believe it or not, a mastery of your finances. Studies have shown that people who can manage their time can also better manage their money.

Contributor: Ann Marie Sabath is the founder of At Ease Inc., the 30-year old domestic and international corporate training firm headquartered in New York City. Her eighth book, One Minute Manners: Quick Solutions to the Most Awkward Situations You’ll Ever Face at Work has been recognized by The Wall Street Journal, Time Magazine, Inc. Magazine, Condé Nast Traveler, MSNBC and The New York Times among other electronic media.

Originally published at medium.com