Achieving Real Personal Growth

I promise you that there is only one reason that you didn’t achieve your goals last year.

There is really just one thing that you need to do if you actually want to be in a different spot this time next year.


This is the first step to real growth.

But first, let me say THIS:

MOST people will say it can’t be done.

MOST people will say it’s impossible.

MOST people will say there isn’t enough time.

MOST people will say you are too old. Too young. Too shy. Too outspoken.

MOST people think it’s too hard. Too much work. Too much money.

THAT is MOST people… That is not you and that is not me.

But how many times has it been done? Records were broken? The impossible became possible? Better ways were created? Visions came to life?

All. The. Time.

Why do we listen to most people??

Fear. The answer is fear. Fear is what holds us back. But, I always tell my daughters (and myself,) be afraid and do it anyway.

Start believing in yourself.

Start believing that you actually matter.

Start giving yourself permission to take a break, make mistakes, and try new things without being sure of the outcome.

You can still have your fear if you want to hold on to it. But, you will notice that fear has trouble surviving when we start acting in spite of it. Click To Tweet

We will fall

Falling and failing is normal. It’s not bad.

What happens when we fall?

We stand up stronger.

What happens when we fear falling so much that we avoid taking action?

Nothing. Absolutely nothing.

And, that’s the scary thing.

So, stop listening to most people and believe in yourself instead.

Now what?

Okay, so what is one thing that you can do today that is new or different?

That is my challenge for you.

Try something new this week. Maybe it’s taking a new way to work. Maybe it’s trying a Facebook live video for the first time. Maybe it’s trying a new food. Maybe it’s going somewhere you’ve never been. Or, saying that thing that you’ve always wanted to say but haven’t.

It doesn’t have to cost anything or take a lot of time. Just do something NEW.

Leave a comment below when you’ve done it!

I know it sounds simple but it’s so empowering. And, it feels like freedom.

If you keep doing the SAME things, you will be in the SAME place this time next year.

If you want to be in a different place, you will have to try some new things. And, it’s best to start with something small.

Since we, as humans, are creatures of habit, our instinct is to stay comfortable.

And, though we may have big goals and dreams, as soon as one little thing throws us off course (for example, we get sick, our schedule changes, someone rains on our parade,) our goals are quickly forgotten.

But, start exercising that courage muscle with something small. Start retraining yourself to try new and different things. And, this will build you up for doing the even bigger things.

Because we can’t keep doing the same shit while expecting different results.

Let go of the fear, the worry, or even the COMPLACENCY that is holding you back and GO FOR IT!

Getting out of your comfort zone is the FIRST step to REAL GROWTH.

So, if you are ready for REAL GROWTH try this challenge.

And, check out this talk that I did for over 600 women in an online summit where I tell my story about how getting out of my comfort zone completely transformed my life.

Originally published at on January 25, 2017.

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