The World today is filled with uncertainties, and people feel pressured to impress. This push has led many to work on the outer image and neglected the inner self; forgetting the inner being is the fuel that keeps you going.
It is good to look good, attractive, all dressed up, but it is better to be healthier and beautiful on the inside.

Self-love build self-confidence and positively affects your relationships and social life. Self-love reflects on your actions and how you handle situations.

Follow these habits and see your self-love grow each day;

Celebrate yourself
Wake up every morning grateful and celebrating life. Motivate yourself by telling your mind what you want to hear and achieve.
You only have once to live. Choose to celebrate what you have.

Accept your failures
Take time to meditate every night before going to bed, accept the failures, change what can be changed. Go to sleep in peace and acceptance, accept what you cannot change, and plan to change the changeable. Allow your mind to understand that failure is part of the learning process to make you stronger.
You can read motivational quotes or read a book or listen to uplifting music early in the day to inspire you. Make this a habit.

Spend a few minutes each day on self-reflection
Self-reflections brings out acceptance; acceptance brings healing. Reflect on the things you don’t like about yourself and can change. Try not to focus on the things you cannot change, they are out of your power. Focus on the things you can change, like your attitude, mental status, job, friends, and such.
You can look at yourself in the mirror and talk to yourself in positive words.

Set goals
Goals give you a reason to fight, they give hope and act as anchors. Set achievable goals and keep track of your progress. You can write them on a notebook or paper and hang them on your mirror where you see them every morning and evening. Doing this will remind you of your purpose.
Set goals depending on what you want to achieve. You can set long-term and short-term goals.

Avoid people who bring negative energy.
Do not feel guilty for striking people from your friend list. Your peace of mind is essential and a top priority. People with negative energy will drain you. Avoid them like the plague. If they are people you cannot avoid, like family or colleagues, avoid getting into arguments. Most people feel a need to explain themselves, to be understood. Try not to fall into the trap no one can understand you better than yourself. Walk away, you cannot or be understood by everyone, choose you always.
Try as much as possible not to get into arguments with such people. They will ruin your day and mess up with your mental peace.

Do not compare yourself to others.
Have the best imaginary version of what you want to be and compare yourself to that. Comparing yourself to others demotivates and crushes your spirit. It also lowers your self-esteem. Remember, you are not perfect, but no one is either.
Everyone is fighting their own battle inside that you are not aware of, fight yours too. Find mentor people you admire, listen to them but do not compare. A good mentor brings out the version in you, not themselves. Invest in yourself, read books, travel, spend time by yourself, and enjoy your company.

Find a Hobby
A hobby helps you to rejuvenate and brings out positive energy. Find a past time activity that gives you fulfillment and takes your mind off work and duties. You can either do it alone or with some company whichever way choose to enjoy.

Exercise a lot
Exercise makes you energetic and clears mind fogs. It makes you think clearly, and it is also healthy. Your health is crucial for self-love. Engage in exercise and workouts several times a week or daily if possible.
A fit body boosts self-esteem and motivates the mind to be a better version.

Be Helpful
Being helpful to others makes you feel better about yourself. People are fighting their own battles inside. Wouldn’t it be best if you did not add to it? Be helpful, polite, and generous where need be. How you treat people is a reflection of your inner self.

Get enough sleep
Catching enough sleep is therapeutic. The body repairs the heart, and blood vessels naturally when you are asleep. Enough sleep makes your mind alert and thus gives you confidence.

Plan your day the night before and include sleep time in the schedule.