As Instagram is one of the most popular and most modern Social media application with 1 Billion Plus active users. Almost 500 Million+ Instagram users are active every single day. That’s why Instagram is one of the best Social Media networks for Creative to work online. There are so many tips for creatives but in this article, I am going to share some best Instagram Tips for Creatives. These tips will help you to become Instagram Famous very quickly.

Do you use Instagram to market your creative business? Check out these 10 Instagram tips that will help you grow your Instagram creative business.

Step #1: Everyone Starts at Zero:

The one thing that you have to keep in your mind that everyone starts with zero followers. So you don’t have to worry about, that you have very fewer followers. When you look at profiles with Million of followers than the first Question that comes to your mind, how did they get these followers? But remember they also started from Zero. Just focus on your marketing strategy and keep going.

Step #2: Switch to Business Profile:

If you represent any business then you should convert your Instagram personal account into a business account. If its personal account then keeps going with personal. The business account provides you insight that can help you to improve your marketing strategy. Instagram Insight provides you data about your followers, Thier country, their age, Gender, best posting time and many more. To switch your account to a business then go to settings and switch to a business account. All you need is a Facebook business page to convert your Instagram account into the business account.

Step #3: Write an attractive bio:

Writing an attractive bio will help you to get more followers and more sales as well. For this, you have to write your clear bio with a website link. There are four things that you need to mention in your bio.

  • Your Name
  • Your Details
  • Your Location
  • Website Link

Your name should be clearly mentioned in your profile. The link should also be available so that people would approach you when they want. The location should be available so that people know where you live, what is your lifestyle. If you are an active member of the community it means your bio is strong and then people can contact you.

Step #4: Engage with Your Followers:

This is most important in your Instagram growth that stays connected with your followers. You should stay relevant and post 2 to 3 times a day. By posting 2 to 3 times a day can help you to get many followers. You can also use Instagram Auto Liker tool to grow your Instagram fast and stay connected with your audience. As it is obvious that everyone starts from zero. When you start you have zero followers but with the time being, they are going to increase day by day.

Step #5: Use the Right Hashtags:

Hashtags are the best way to rank your images on different hashtags and help you to get more reach. You are allowed to use 30 hashtags per post. Only use hashtags that are relevant to your post. You should also use your branded hashtags in your posts.

Step #6: Use Instagram Stories:

Instagram Stories is the feature that allows you to show your story that will appear to your followers for 24 hours. Instagram Stories are a great way to connect with your followers. Instagram Stories should be relevant to your product. People will get attracted to your product through stories.

Step #7: Account should be Attractive and Branded:

Make sure your account should be full of colors to attract the followers. Your first 10 to 15 pictures should be attractive and cohesive so that people would not be bored and get attached to your profile and posts. As Instagram is a visual media so posting blurry pictures will slow down your followers. So always post clear images of high quality.

Step #8: Use Videos in Your Marketing Strategy:

You know what? Sometimes videos gain more views and more attraction than photos. Because peoples love watching videos and mostly peoples spend a lot of time just watching videos. So use video marketing strategy in your Instagram growth to get more reach, more engagements, and more followers.

Step #9: Post Regularly and at the Right Time:

Posting at right time will also help you get more engagements and more followers. Post at least 2 to 3 times a day. Make sure don’t post too much post at the same time and not even on the same day. Just post 3 to 4 times a day regular post

Step #10: Keep your profile active and updated:

You will always hear that you should post regularly on Instagram. How often you post will directly tie back to your business goals. You should post the best content you have so that it looks that it is your and only your profile on Instagram. You should be unique in your profile. The more you stay active and updated the more engagement you will get and grow fats on Instagram.

Over to You: What Instagram Marketing Strategies work best for you and your brand?

…And You know what? Your Instagram Marketing journey will never over. We just shared top 10 best Instagram marketing tips for creatives that they can follow these tips and grow fats on Instagram. Now that is your turn to follow all these marketing strategies to grow your Brand on Instagram.


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