Embedding explainer videos on the landing page can do a great job for the brand’s awareness. According to the study, it has been shown that landing page having video can take conversion by 80%. Moreover, adding them to email can also bring the significant profit to your e-commerce site. 

– It can also increase the open rates by 19%.
– Embedding the explainer video can boost the click-through rates by 65%.
– Moreover, it can also play a major role to reduce unsubscribes by 26%.

To get a higher rank in Google, following this way can be quite helpful. Adding the high quality, creative, informative and short explainer videos on your official site, Youtube or product page can make you 53x more likely to come up at first page.

1) BombTech Golf

BombTech Golf has also been ruling in this field for introducing about the best explainer videos. Though they did not spend a lot of the explainer video, still viewers are loving them as they come up with sharp information.

2) The Human Solution

When it comes to selling the product like a standing desk, explainer videos help a lot as your customers will be able to see the product’s aspect live. It does not only increase the brand’s popularity but also win the trust of the customers.

3) Fugoo

For making the lovely explainer videos, it is also needed to be a bit creative and you can do it by adding some voiceover, some great camera work, and cool music. Fugoo is doing the same and has won much hearts by showing its great videos explain about the simple product demonstration.

4) Biaggi

This distinguished brand comes up with the real people and product demonstrations. This kind of video works a lot to win the trust of the customers. In these videos, nothing fancy has been added.

5) Tommy John

Tommy John is widely known for introducing the lively, slick and top-quality animation along with maintaining the brand promise.

6) Native Union

Within a short span of time, it has done a great job adding the explainer video holding the attractive and high-quality features. It worked well for their business and has been keeping added the new and potential customers.

7) Rand McNally

The explainer video can also play a major role to get benefitted showing even about the product which is not consumer-focused. The technical products related videos can be added to it to make the customer a bit more knowledgeable.

8) New Chapter Vitamins and Supplements

There is no need to have the standard equipment or other things to make an attractive video. The thing that matter is content and the way of presentation. This eCommerce platform has shown that a single camera, some background music, and few graphics are enough to glue the viewers to your product.

9) Spinning

Spin bikes aren’t available at cheap prices. Putting a video having expert recommendation or telling about the product in a discreet manner can also help to boost up the rank of the site as it is letting the customers know more about the product they are interested to buy.

10) Training Mask

Training Mask has also made a great buzz by adding the top-notch animation videos telling about the training masks.

Significance Of An Explainer Video

The motto of an explainer video is all about describing in respect of a company, product, and services. To put in easy words, it can be said that it is an ad. Explainer videos cover a wide array of things to cite all about the company within a stipulated time.

And the important things is that explainer videos are done in a beautiful way adding entertaining factor so it will not make the viewer bored while watching.

Types Of Explainer Videos

There are 9 types of explainer videos that come up different features. Before choosing the right one, you need to know which one goes with your choice and business needs. 

Where Can Explainer Videos Embed?

The answer is quite simple that it can be put anywhere you want. It can be on

–  You can send it through Emails to your customers.

– They can also be put on Social media channels to grab the wide attention of your followers.

– On the official site’s Homepage, it can also be fixed to welcome your customers.

– Having video on Product page increases the authenticity of the product

– If e-commerce site has also its own YouTube, it can also be put their explaining more about the product and service.

Why Big E-commerce Brands Are Using Explainer Videos?

There is a wide array of benefits can be fetched just by putting the explainer videos. It can do a number of things including

–  It Increases conversions in an easy way as your customers get familiar with your service and product.

– Videos bridge the gap and enhance the Customer engagement with your site.

– Customer acquisition is also getting increased. They let others also know about your product and service.

– If good stuff is included in the video, they can even lead to go viral as well as increasing brand awareness.

Are you looking for the one that can help you to know more about making the creative, informative and interesting videos to double the conversions rate? Find out the creative team to serve you the best.

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