Have you ever wished while closing your eyes at night that you’d wake up to a new reality? Just like in the movies. I have. During these times, I’ll reach for an excellent book to shift my awareness. I’m not talking about fiction here, as those alter reality only until we have finished reading them. I am sharing the type of books that are like a brand new pair of glasses without any scratches, or after you have had laser eye surgery and now are seeing correctly with that 20/20 vision. 

‘Tis the season to start with clarity, a new lease on life, and on a freshly painted beautiful landscape. See your experience through a new lens of perspective.

The following ten books have ‘been more than inspiring for me. Your process for making choices after consuming these books will lead to new results. Why? They have the capability to alter your reality for a lifetime, and with no other substances needed. Messages received are instilled within you, providing new understandings for all areas of life. 

I always encourage people to read books together, maybe with their book clubs or a couple of friends. Then, you can share your experiences and learn from each other’s lessons since everyone has their perspective. 

Here are the books for a new vision, in no particular order :

1- Outwitting The Devil by Napolean Hill You may have heard of Hill’s other legendary book Think and Grow Rich which came out only a year before this one was published.The surprising thing about Outwitting the Devil is that although it was written in 1938, they kept it off the shelf until 2011 for controversial reasons. I highly recommend getting the audio version of this to hear the differences between the voices. This book will not only shatter your mind with brilliance; it will challenge what you eat, say, think, and even how you parent your children. You’ll want to listen to it again and again. It’s amazing how relevant this book is now although written decades ago.

2- Judgment Detox by Gabrielle Bernstein More often than not, we’re comparing ourselves, which isn’t healthy. We live in a world of “Keeping up with the Joneses”.  We tend to act from jealousy and fear versus our hearts. It’s time to shift towards our heart-centers. This read will have you examining the root cause of your judgments and give you valuable tools to move through it. I return to the book every time I observe overwhelming judgmental thoughts pouring through me for centering.

3- Dying to Be Me by Anita Moorjani I’ve done quite a few healing sessions with cancer patients over the past year who have all passed on. As you can imagine, these events have been emotion-filled and heavy. Dying to Be Me casts light on the aspects of dying and living. The author shares her captivating personal story of an out of the body and near-death experience. Even if you aren’t dealing with anyone who is fighting for their life or has recently passed, I highly encourage reading this book. By the end of it, you may be walking around as though you are already living in heaven on Earth.

4- Get Aligned Now by Bethany Londyn  If you’re feeling stuck, can’t get ahead, or trapped in chaos, this book is a workaround the rational thought process. Londyn elaborates on the concept of body intelligence and listening to the voice within. This book is about accomplishing goals through the sensations of the body while discovering what has held you back. It is a seven-week process of getting out of your head and into the present to find your truth. Full disclaimer: I wrote this one! Don’t take my word for it, though; feedback confirmed it’s life-changing power.

5– E-Squared by Pam Grout Reading this book will have your vision of reality change, and it will also have you playing with your reality. Here, Grout has you working through exercises to manifest things into your life, all while having fun at the same time. The book almost feels like a game. I especially recommend this one for the skeptics as they make for the best results.

6- The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho  Can someone please turn this into a movie? This book was forever on my list to read. Wow. I can not explain why it took me so long; maybe it was simply divine timing. This book is the kind that one should read once a year. Coelho will challenge your values and the importance of life. If you are not the non-fiction type, this one is for you. Messages are conveyed through a magnificently written story.

7- Letting Go by Dr. David R Hawkins Letting Go is a tough read, only because you want to capture each and every line, highlighting them all. This book took me the longest ever to get through, yet it’s because the content is mind-blowing. You could open this book every single morning, flipping to a random page to receive a thought-provoking message for the day. Your energy vibration also increases as you work through this experience. I now use his tools in my coaching methods; as they are so confirming. You’ll have to read to learn. I highly recommend his other books as well.

8- Mind to Matter by Dawson Church This book is my most recent favorite. If you are an engineer, scientist, or analytical type, this one is for you. Mind to Matter is full of scientific experiments proving the energies of the brain and how you can tap into different realities. Church is a teacher on the emotional freedom technique (EFT), which Gabby also talks about in Judgment Detox. It’s eye-opening to read about the experiments throughout the years. The span of knowledge regarding the power of the mind has been here for centuries.

9- A Happy Pocket Full of Money by David Cameron Gikandi As the title suggests, you will find yourself smiling and joyful as you read through this one. I was resistant to this one at first, yet it came highly recommended and now here I am passing it forward. This book is a personal experiment that has you practicing along as you read. There’s no way to avoid the exercises, as they are immersed in each sentence and smoothly shift your perspective along the way. Need money, health, or love? Read this.

10– You Are The Placebo by Dr. Joe Dispenza Destiny gave Dispenza the option of being paralyzed for life, never walking again after a biking accident. He chose otherwise and used his will power to transform his body back to harmony and shares his moving experience. This book has multiple inspiring stories of what can happen when you set your heart and soul on a vision with unrelenting passion and commitment. 

There you have it. This list should be a tremendous life-shifting start. Don’t hesitate to reach out when you have finished with these. I have more to happily share.

Wishing you your most harmonious year ever.

Bethany Londyn, Alignment Catalyst Coach, Speaker, Writer, and Author of Get Aligned Now


Bethany Londyn is a certified Transformational coach, in ThetaHealing® and others acting as the Catalyst for inspired action working with individuals, Universities, and companies using intuition, a process that feels like meditation, life coaching, hypnosis, and prayer, all combined, to achieve miraculous results.