Seriously, have you been reading? There are more ideas out there than you could use in one year while trying a new one every day!

Routine is described by Webster dictionary and as:







a commonplace task or chore




Doesn’t that just give you the feel-goods? It’s no wonder we all keep looking for the routine that will “do it” for us. How in the heck will any of us stick to something that is dull or unimaginative?

I admit I’ve tried some routines. I’ve suggested my own routine called 5 in 5 minutes. I try one for a week and then it becomes rote. Hmmm. So I try another idea that seems more like a chore. Hmmm again.

Here’s my take. Try every morning to do what works “that morning.” Some days we wake up foggy. Not very clear, so writing or journaling isn’t going to work. Other days, exercising is not what our stiff body can deal with first thing. And what about the meditating first idea? That for sure, puts me right back to sleep. But, what if, just what if~

The routine is anything “but?”

What if the routine is waking and listening to our mind and body and doing what works that morning? And most of all, not feeling guilty because we didn’t journal, meditate, stretch, breathe, exercise, or fall into the regular, typical, or habitual routine that just didn’t hold the cards for that day.

Try the routine that is very much just listening to yourself and going with the flow.

Flow sounds much better than mechanical doesn’t it?

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