We are all entitled to certain levels of stress. The kind of stress that will get stuff done. However, high levels of stress can easily get out of hand and take a toll on you and everything around you.

I’ve talked about this last time around, but here I found some more of the unusual but very effective ways to de-stress. As much as people find different things relaxing, these strategies we are about to share have been found to almost work magic across the board. My nature of work deals a lot of stress daily – deadlines to catch, strategizing a plan, client meetings – so I’ve tried all of the ways I’m sharing with you today before I wrote and compiled it here.

So, if you are looking for proven unusual ways to reduce stress and burnout, you can try some or all the methods I’ve listed below to relax your physiological being.

What are Some of the Unusual Ways to De-stress?

Whether good or bad, we all are guaranteed certain levels of stress. Whatever the root cause of your stress is, there is always a way to alleviate it. Try some of these strategies to chill out after an exhausting episode and see what happens.

1.    Give Your Pet a Rub

It is an open secret that pets are overly affectionate and loving towards their masters. If you are a pet owner, be it a cat or a dog, or anything else furry, this alone can increase your level of happiness. Rubbing and petting your pet has been proven to lower the stress hormone called cortisol. So is bathing, brushing, and shopping for your dogs. Due to the pandemic, I do online shopping now, but whenever a new outfit comes out, I stop and indulge in browsing for an hour or two, and after being satisfied with all the stuff I added to the cart, I felt relaxed like I don’t need to hurry things. Unlike the other methods, this strategy is a two-way traffic that works for both parties.

2.    Self-Indulgence Through Eating

Though this might throw you off the track, it is not what you think. When people hear about indulging in food, their minds quickly switch to the junk their fitness coach warned them about. Far from it. Munch on crunchy healthy snacks to relieve physical tension. Try carrots, nuts, protein crackers, and even apples, and take your sweet time to chew.

3.    Dance, Dance, and Dance

Take a moment to just dance after a long stressful day. Even if you have two left feet, just move your body. That is called dancing your worries. Even if you have no rhythm. This is one of the best and fun ways to relieve stress and refresh your mind without stepping out of your threshold. Just close the door and turn on your favorite music and sway along. You will be surprised.

4.    Chew a Gum

As absurd as this may sound, chewing a piece of gum has been found to lower levels of anxiety. Perhaps we can even call it the new best medicine. Besides relieving stress, chewing gum, according to the study, increases both alertness and productivity. Always carry a sachet of sugar-free chewing gums to conveniently pop whenever a burnout kicks in.

5.    Get a Coloring Book

Coloring a book is one of those pastime activities that demands total attention. If you want to divert your mind from a stressful situation, get a coloring book and get lost in it. You will be surprised where the time went. Perhaps that’s why this activity has exploded in popularity over the years and most people are now adopting it into their regiments.

6.    Write a Journal

If something is annoying you and pushing you to the edge, then you might need to vent. While you can’t go screaming at people’s faces and throwing wild tantrums, you can pour your frustrations into writing. Writing down whatever is eating you up is not only therapeutic but also productive. Write not just your emotions, but also your doubts and intuitions. It is also less intimidating as the only monsters you have to face are your pen and diary.

7.    Take a Your Bike For a Ride

If you must get out and get some air to escape an enclosed space, perhaps a short car ride or take a quick bicycling around the nearest park might not be such a bad idea. It is even way more relaxing if you do this late afternoon or during the early night where the coolness of the night is pleasant, and all the surroundings are peaceful and quiet.

The reason behind this is because cycling is considered as exercise, and by doing exercise your body releases endorphins, which trigger a positive feeling. Superfly Wheels also said that cycling can “spark shared experiences and conversations”, so you also get to socialize with other people.

8.     Cry Your Heart Out

In as much as crying during stress has been demonized a lot, you will be surprised at what it actually does for you. It helps the body to release endorphins. This hormone is what is responsible for a cheerful mood. Cry your heart out, don’t bottle the emotions. It can lead to depression which could have otherwise been solved with some tears.

9.    Herbal Remedies

Some herbs have been known to relieve stress and induce calmness. You can do this two ways. Through a steam bath or a warm cup of tea. Consider thyme, mint, or eucalyptus for your hot bath. Grab a hot cup of chamomile, matcha, or even lavender tea right after. If you don’t experience the oh-la-la moments, then you might have to throw in other remedies.

10. Be Spontaneous

Do fun and relaxing things at an impulse. If you see a warm pool of water in the coldness of the night, dive right in with your dinner dress on. Try to laugh and shake your hair wildly. Read a tutorial and learn how to curl your hair. Play chess with your kids or cook with your kids. Whatever pops to your head that will distract you from anxiety. Well, it might not exactly chase all your cares and worries to the blue yonder, but it will relieve your stress.


While stress is an integral part of life, there are many ways we can deal with and manage it. It is clearly harmful if overlooked or shelved for a long time. If you sense that none of the tips are working and you are smoothly slipping away into the stress abyss, find an anxiety relief expert immediately.