Do you know that an average adult deals with approximately 63.5 notifications every day? And the notification is seen within a couple of minutes no matter if the phone is on silent or not.   

Beyond the shadow of a doubt, social media has completely changed the way humans live their lives. Living a remote life is a new normal in this modern era of cutting-edge technology. Technology is everywhere, non-negligible, more powerful, and it’s not going away anytime soon. Tremendous acquisition of technology is observed especially since the past decade. Also, social media platforms are spreading their wings all across the globe and they are a major source of information and news these days. Presently there are 3.78 billion social media users all around the world, which is equivalent to almost 48 percent of the population, and this figure will continue to evolve in the upcoming years. 

Talking of the opposite side of the coin, it would not be a mistake to say that technology is a useful servant but a dangerous master. Effortless access to technology as well as social media is affecting people’s mental and physical health. On average, people spend two hours and 25 minutes on social media every day. Not only this, it is estimated that 50% of the tech users click on their notification within 30 seconds of receiving it! This leads to the fact that appropriate measures must be acquired to limit the consumption of social media and technology for a healthy lifestyle as well as a healthier relationship with technology. 

Here is the list of some top 10 best daily practices everyone must acquire in this world to have a healthy relationship with technology and for the prevention of adverse impacts of technology on our lives. These tips are helpful and beneficial for not only physical health but also for mental as well as emotional health, so keep reading to know more! 

  1. Implement Family Media Rules

Unsupervised utilization of digital mobile devices can result in unsafe practices and unhealthy living conditions. Implementation of a family media plan for every living being in the house helps in the management of social media consumption.  This also helps in maintaining a sufficient balance between both online as well as offline lives. 

  1. Prefer in Person Interaction

It is an irony, technology has connected us to those who we don’t know or might have never met and has created a distance among those who are actually a part of our lives. Virtual bonds cannot create the same bond as interacting in person. Face-to-face interactions help in developing a strong bond and better understanding, This also helps in embracing being in the moment. 

  1. Disconnect From Technology Often

Excessive utilization of technology and social media results in immense mental stress and attention deficit disorder symptoms. Disconnecting from social media either for a day or for a week or month helps in achieving better mental health and releases unnecessary stress. This also helps to divert one’s attention towards physical activities that are crucial for a healthy lifestyle. 

  1. Don’t Use Devices Early in The Morning

Whatever you do right after the moment you wake up early in the morning leaves an impact on your creativity and productivity throughout the entire day. Avoid using mobile phones and checking notifications helps to boost your productivity, mental health, emotional health, and creativity throughout the day. This also helps with mood swings and relationships with loved ones during the day. 

  1. Avoid Passive Media 

The utilization of passive media declines aerobic features and results in a high risk of obesity. Passive media also adversely affects mental health as it allows information to flow only in one direction such as television. Opting for active and educational media in addition to video games instead of passive media enhances analytical thinking capabilities and creativity. 

  1. Avoid Negativity 

You’ll get to read every type of information and opinion on cyberspace when you are using social media. People are more likely to be influenced by negativity online in comparison to the real world. Muting, reporting, and blocking such accounts that spread negativity will help you to achieve better mental health and prevent psychological damage. Cherish good things only for a better lifestyle.

  1.  Only Keep Necessary Alerts

Continuous notification diverts attention from daily tasks, interrupts them, and leaves an adverse impact on productivity. Management of apps, limiting their notification, and only keeping necessary alerts helps to boost productivity, creativity, and enhances one’s focus on crucial tasks. 

  1. Create Screen Time Limits 

Spending an immense amount of time in front of screening negatively impacts mental health, increases stress levels, resulting in severe headache and eyesight issues. Keeping track of most-used apps and setting up screen time limits on the basis of app utilization helps in the enhancement of physical and mental health. 

  1. Keep Your Phone Silent While Sleeping 

Tired minds don’t plan well, and sleep is the best meditation. Frequent notifications result in sleeping disorders, depreciate sleep quality, and cause daytime sleepiness. Getting 7 to 8 hours of sleep per night by turning the device to the ‘do not disturb’ mode helps in the prevention of sleeplessness and enhances productivity.  

  1. Avoid Tech an Hour Before Bed 

Bad nights adversely affect focus, concentration, productivity, and performance. Technology utilization and social media consumption have a huge impact on sleep quality as it suppresses the sleep hormone melatonin. Avoid using tech devices an hour before sleep and do not set up technology devices in bedrooms as it helps in achieving better sleeping patterns and enhances one’s efficiency. 

If Not Now, Then When? 

Correct me if I’m wrong, excess of everything is dangerous, especially technology. You can’t probably control your technology utilization and social media consumption, but what you can actually do is change your daily routine a little bit so that they’ll not adversely impact you.

Just sit back, relax, take a mindful break and ponder on your daily routine practices. How technology is adversely impacting your life, not only physically, but also mentally and emotionally? It’s high time for you to understand where are you using most of your time on your devices. Only minor changes in your daily practices will boost your productivity and also will help you to have a healthy relationship with your beloved ones. Accommodate yourself with good vibes only to make your life meaningful and beautiful. 

So, which one of the above-mentioned practices are you going to acquire from today?