Do you often feel an unfathomable gloom and discomfort? Like an ailment when there is none? It’s a sign your body is harboring malicious substances and unwanted wastes. In urban, sedentary settings, we can end up consuming food, water, and air, that’s far from pure. 

According to Dr Mark Hyman, the author of Food: What the Heck Should I Eat?: “The simple truth is that we are living in a sea of toxins and it is destroying our bodies and brains.”

On the other hand, detoxification helps press the reset button. 

“Detoxification works because it addresses the needs of individual cells, the smallest units of human life,” says Peter Bennett, N.D., co-author of 7-Day Detox Miracle with Stephen Barrie, N.D., and Sara Faye.

While your body has an inherent detox mechanism, it needs you to support it. Let’s look at some natural ways to keep your body free from harmful toxins. 

Keep Yourself Hydrated 

A larger percentage of the human body is made up of water. Regular water-intake helps flush toxins through urination. It assists in regulating the body temperature and aids digestion. Even a slight amount of dehydration means you’re piling up toxins.

A good way is to start your day with a glass of warm water with fresh lemon juice; after that, you should have plenty of water throughout the day. 

Sleep Well

A good night’s sleep is known to have a positive impact on your body and mind. 

A new study shows that slow-wave sleep (SWS), the deepest phase of non-REM sleep, may be the key to detoxing the brain. Sleeping is vital for clearing the mind of protein waste that may otherwise cause neurodegeneration. Getting enough sleep is, therefore, essential for the healthy long-term functioning of the brain. 

Sleeping well sucks out all that stress from your previous day’s activities. It rejuvenates your body and your mind, and makes you feel fresh and active. 

Avoid Caffeine

If you’re in detox mode, it’s better to say no to tea and coffee. Caffeine may help you focus on your work, but it can spike-up the acid-level in your stomach. It’s also known to increase blood pressure and heart-rate. 

Your body tends to detoxify itself naturally, and caffeine stands as a strong enemy; it’s a bigger foe to sound sleep. 

  • Do ensure that you give up these caffeinated drinks too: soda, energy drinks, and chocolate. 
  • Make it a point to be caffeine-free for at least 2-3 days, and you’ll feel a remarkable difference. 


Be it sweating it out on the treadmill or the basketball court, working out helps you to release pent-up toxins. Exercising helps to release wastes that often get stored in skin tissues as fat. 

When working out, you breathe heavily – a healthy dose of fresh oxygen supports the body’s natural detoxification process. 

A half-an-hour daily exercise regime is a good way to let your body detoxify. 

Say No To Sugar

“Sugar makes you fat, ugly and old,” said Brooke Alpert, a registered dietitian and co-author of “The Sugar Detox: Lose the Sugar, Lose the Weight — Look and Feel Great.” 

Sugar puts additional burden on your digestive system. High sugar levels are associated with diseases of the heart and liver. You can try some popular sugar substitutes like dates, berries, jaggery, honey, and stevia. 

While taking a break from sugar is a good way to detox, there’s no better way than to avoid refined sugar forever. 

Become a Temporary Fruitarian

Many dieticians suggest that you go on a fresh-fruit diet for 2-3 days. 

“Fruit is one of the healthiest foods in the world,” says dietitian Katherine Tallmadge, RD, national spokesperson for the American Dietetic Association and author of Diet Simple: 

 “The more fruits and vegetable people eat, the healthier they are, and usually the thinner they are,” she says. 

Prepare innovative salad and smoothies to infuse an exciting variety into your meals. Fruits and veggies are low in calories and rich in fiber and water. A fruit-diet is an incredible way to detox your body. Take inspiration from this fruitarian couple, and it won’t be that hard after all.

Herbal Teas

If you’re one of those folks who’s scared of going on a diet, then having medicinal teas is an apt way to keep overhauling your system. You can try some of these detox teas:

  1. Ginger

Ginger root is an effective tonic and a natural cleanser for your body. To make it more potent, you can add some turmeric or lemon juice in this tea.

  1. Fenugreek

You can boil fenugreek seeds in water and let them sit for a while. The tea aids digestion, reduces blood pressure, and helps inflammation.

  1. Holy Basil 

The holy basil is well-known for its healing properties. It’s an anytime detoxifier and an anti-stress agent. 

  1. Chamomile

You can make this tea by boiling dried chamomile flowers in water. Chamomile has a soothing effect on your body and mind and works as an excellent purifier. 

  1. Cilantro

Another potent detoxifier, cilantro can be used for making tea that helps assist your digestive system. 

You can have these herbal preparations in the morning or after your meals. Make them a part of your daily routine to give your system a much-needed relaxation.

Intestinal Cleansing – Shankaprakshalana

The saltwater flush called Shankhaprakshalana is practiced and taught by Yoga practitioners. The cleansing technique helps to wash your intestine and removes all types of waste sitting in it for long. The detox method does away with any type of abdominal stress or tension. The process is useful in conditions like skin allergies and eczema. 

It is advisable that you practice this cleansing process in the presence of an expert. It involves drinking up to sixteen glasses of water on an empty stomach.

During the process, your teacher will guide you to perform a set of simple exercises. The detox technique opens up the senses and calms the mind.

Take a Break from Digital Devices

According to research from the Nielsen Company, the average U.S. adult spends around 11 hours each day listening to, watching, reading, or interacting with media. 

You may not realize this but technology acts like a drug for your brain and makes you addicted to it. 

Studies show a high degree of correlation between social media usage and depression. 

Going on a digital detox is easier said than done, here are some useful tips:

  1. Stay away from all digital devices for a certain number hours each day. Make sure you’re using this time to relax or engage yourself in other activities. 
  2. Find ways to limit your interaction with devices.
  3. Turn off social media notifications.
  4. Be aware of the apps that take most of your time and follow self-imposed restrictions. 

Practice Meditation 

Our mind is accustomed to constant thinking and chatter. Loss of energy, as a result, is a big pitfall. So much so that when you go to bed and try switching off your brains, you realize it’s almost impossible. All this mental fatigue passes on to the body and makes you sick. 

Meditation is a powerful daily detox that helps you to become restful. Studies show that meditation is a great way to reduce mental stress.

It’s an effective way to create an energy reservoir. This energy backs up your natural detoxification process. 

Eat Fresh 

With processed foods, you run the risk of consuming a significant amount of sugars and calories. Most of the ready-to-eat foods contain harmful additives such as MSG, BHT, Trans Fats, and Sodium Nitrate.

  • A detox means you must say no to all packaged and processed foods. 
  • Go for whole-grain instead of bread and pasta. 
  • Prefer to make your salad dressings over readymade ones.

Clean eating is necessary to support your body’s immune system and natural cleansing mechanism. 

Over to You

Just like your car needs servicing, washing, and oiling to keep running as new, so does your body. By keeping your body clean and in shape, you can avoid taking medicines or visiting the doctor. With simple changes to your diet, regular exercise, and meditation, you can bring a world of difference to your overall health.