10 Effective Ways to Combat Wedding Planning Fatigue

Please make no mistake about it; wedding planning can be challenging. Before you know it, you’ll find yourself neck-deep in multiple decisions wondering if violet and purple are really that different and which wedding singers you should choose. Some couples find that they are very tempted to give up at this point. Don’t give up just yet; remember that you are not alone. Lots of couples also feel this way about their wedding planning. Most importantly, there are solutions, and we’re here to help with them. So here are ten effective ways to combat wedding planning fatigue.

  • Make an Extensive Budget

Your wedding budget should contain every and any cost you can think of. Breaking down how you spend your wedding money into different categories is important. It’ll help you stay on track and know when to cut back if necessary. Don’t also forget to have about 5% set out for miscellaneous expenses. Surprise costs can often be a source of headache, but you can avoid that with a well-detailed budget. 

  • Have A Solid Timeline

Leaving your wedding planning tasks till the last minute will only lead to stress for you. You’ll find yourself feeling and looking tired in the few days before your wedding. A clear wedding timeline will help you get all that needs to be done ready long before your wedding day. That way, you can have time to relax, rest and show up for your wedding looking awesome. Book the big things like your venue, photographer, and wedding musicians first so you are only left with little tasks to clean up.

  • Use Lists

Don’t make the mistake of focusing too much on the more minor details of your wedding. However, forgetting these little details won’t do either. The answer- make an extensive list of what has to be done for each category of your wedding planning. From your photography to your wedding catering, make sure you have them down and tick things off as they happen. Looking at this list will also help you keep to your budget as you’ll see what still has to be done.  

  • Delegate

Your family and friends will be delighted to help you with your wedding planning. Let them. You don’t have to do everything needed for your wedding by yourselves. This will be a celebration for you and your loved ones, so don’t be afraid to ask them to pitch in. You’ll get things done in a shorter time frame and with less stress. 

  • A Wedding Planner Can Be A Game Changer

Couples often erroneously believe that a wedding planner is a huge wedding cost that only the wealthy can afford. This is not true. Most wedding planners work with percentages and have multiple packages. They are well worth the investment too. A professional with experience will know what to do and when to have it done, taking the bulk of your planning stress off your shoulders. 

  • Have Some You Time

Taking time away from your wedding planning can be challenging but is necessary. Having some “you time” with your partner is underrated. You should also be able to relax and scroll through your social media without a wedding planning email popping up. One of the ways to avoid this is by keeping things separate. Have an email address set up specifically for your wedding. That way, you can easily switch off for the few hours or even days that you might need to take a break. Also, do your best to be intentional with setting time aside. Have a schedule that includes this time and program it into your calendar. 

  • Don’t Let the Little Things Seem Too Big

Don’t let yourself get too stressed about one wedding detail that seems to be wobbling. Most times, a few minutes asking yourself if it really matters will show you otherwise. There is no need to offset all your other necessary plans that are going well because of one or two minor problems. Many years after your celebration you won’t even remember them. 

  • Comparison Is the Thief of Joy

Creating a Pinterest mood board with your style and vision for your wedding is a great idea. It helps you clearly communicate what you have in mind to your vendors. The problem, however, is that you have to know when to stop. Once you get what you need, stop searching. You will always find something that looks better, and how many times can you change your mind? Stay excited, and don’t compare your plans to new ideas you see on the internet.

  • Self-Care Is Important

If you don’t take proper care of yourself during your wedding planning, you’ll be quick to burn out. Sadly, your planning process can be a hectic time, and you may forget. As we suggested earlier, set some time out for yourself. During this time, make sure you practice self-care. You could schedule a yoga session, go to a spa or carry out some other mindfulness activities. You’ll feel refreshed and better able to tackle whatever challenges wedding planning throws your way after. 

  • Remember Why You’re Doing Everything

It’s easy to lose sight of why you’re planning so much in the first place. When things seem like they’re becoming too much, take a deep breath and relax. Remember that your love is what really matters. Being too stressed about who sits where won’t matter so much in the long run. Do your best but remember that your love is what matters most of all. Best of luck!!!