Losing weight has been a thorn in the flesh to many. Processes and mechanisms involved in weight loss are hectic, cumbersome and tedious. They are either vigorous diet strictness or intense body aching exercises. The article is going to provide alternative methods that will ease the journey towards losing weight.

Love yourself

Before anything, you should consider yourself being a vital being around. With or without losing weight you are in God’s image. By appreciating yourself, your body will naturally send positive signals to your cells, leading to a rapid response to any weight loss process you undertake.

Eat lots of fiber

Why should you eat more fiber? The primary cause of overweight is eating a lot of food within very short timeframe. Fiber will slow down the digestion process, hence, making your stomach fuller for a longer time. By the virtue your stomach is fuller; the amount of food eaten is reduced.

Take hot water

Water is an essential factor in body metabolism. Concerning weight loss, one should take hot water in the morning before eating anything. Hot water easily breaks down the accumulated fats and also facilitates fats metabolism.

Be active

Eating and sitting without doing anything turns one an overweight in a short span. Avoid car luxury driving lifestyle. Ensure you are engaged in a sense that your body parts are in motion. An active body is not able to accumulate fats while an immobile body is a temple to overweight.

Avoid intake of added sugar

Added sugar has become a familiar figure in many dining rooms and restaurants. You should know added sugar is the worst food ingredient at the moment. Regarding research, more consumption of sugar may lead to heart diseases, diabetes, and obesity.

Use smaller plates

The smaller, the lesser the food you’ll consume, the bigger the dish, the more food eaten. This rule will govern you regarding the amount of food you consume.

Reduce alcohol consumption

Did you know a glass of wine contains equivalent calories to a piece of chocolate? What of beer or any other kind of alcohol? Over time, has one continues taking beer; automatically he or she will add weight due to calories used in processing alcohol.

Dump junk foods

Junk foods are the primary facilitators to weight gain because refined salt, sugar and unhealthy fats are part of ingredients used in processing them. Hence, junk foods will not only add you some pounds but also expose you to some health conditions such as cancer and diabetes. Instead of stocking yourself with biscuits, sweet fizzy drinks, crisps, and chocolate invest on oatcakes, fruit juice, fruits, unsalted rice cakes, and unsalted or unsweetened popcorns.

Eat accordingly

Calories are essential to the body; hence, it’s not advisable to cut calories overnight. It should be a gradual routine since severe calorie deficit in the body will result to slow body metabolism. An activity that you are engaged on should determine the amount of food you consume. Never should you have the same eating procedure.

Have regular BMI calculations

BMI calculations are the measurements of body fats against height and body weight. Through routine measurements, you’ll be able to identify where you lean. Don’t be deceived by physical outlook. BMI calculations will let you know whether you over emaciated or you on the right track.


Weight loss is manageable furthermore achievable, don’t get frightened and start poisoning the body using foreign substances. Take it easy, go normal and natural ways and all will be well. Avoid advertised pills and injections. They have severe health consequences in the long run.