A minute to win it games accessible to all, and that will surely delight your guests. We offer you ten games, which have already proven themselves, year after year!

1. The psychiatrist’s game

Number of players: from 4 people
Material: none

Rule of the game

At each round, a player is designated as the psychiatrist. The others are then, by definition, sick.

The doctor must first go out of the room, the time his patients choose a disease that will be common to them, and he will then discover by asking questions, all in a given time (usually five minutes).

The evils can be as varied as a tic of language, the repetition of a word in the middle of each sentence, or even the personification of your neighbor, by adopting his manias, for example! Once found, we choose another psychiatrist Qnnit.

2. The quiz nights

Number of players: from 3 people, including a referee
Material: list of questions, paper and pencil to count the points. Optional: Hourglass, buzzer-type sound indicator, white board and team marker, sound system.

Rule of the game

The referee (you or someone who feels comfortable enough to liven up the game) asks a series of questions to the guests, who then accumulate points for each correct answer.

Depending on the number of players, you can choose to build teams. If multiple choices are offered, then each group will be able to write their answer on a chart using a felt pen after consulting.

Otherwise, a buzzer sound indicator can be distributed to teams, if you want to play on the effect of speed.

And the possibilities are vast. You can also choose to focus your glues on a specific theme, or divide the game into several rounds, such as a visual round, which will consist of identifying several images, or a musical part, during which guests will have to recognize the theme. artist and the name of a song.

3. The small ferry

Number of players: from 3 people

Material: a paper and a pencil per person, an hourglass

Rule of the game

Before starting to play, we must first determine different categories, for example animals, fruits and vegetables, sports, trades, countries, cities …

At each round, a letter of the alphabet is announced. Each player will then have one minute to find a word starting with this letter in each category, and win one point per correct answer!

4. The mystery word

Number of players: from 3 people

Material: paper and pencil

Rule of the game

Before dinner, the host distributes a paper to each guest on which an unusual word or phrase (but not too much!) Is written. During the evening, each person will have to put it in a conversation without the others noticing it. Each time a guest fulfills his mission, a new challenge is entrusted to him.

5. The game of the salad bowl

Number of players: from 4 people, to build teams of two minimums.

Material: paper, pencil, hourglass and a salad bowl (or any other container)

Rule of the game

Each person writes the name of a real or fictitious personality on a piece of paper, to have at least 20 of them, which he will fold and place in the salad bowl.

The goal is to make his teammate guess as many people as possible in a given time. This game is played in three rounds. The first is to find personality through an unlimited number of words. Once the time is up, another team takes over, and so on until all the papers are discovered.

In the second round, these same personalities must be guessed, but this time with only one word.

The third round is based on the same principle, except that we trade the word … By the mime!

6. The suitcase

Number of players: from 3 people

Material: none

Rule of the game

Each player must memorize the objects mentioned by the others in their order and by completing the following sentence: “I go on a trip and in my suitcase, I put …”.
The first player who makes a mistake by omitting or changing the order of a word has lost and receives a pledge!

7. The game of personalities

Number of players: from 4 people

Material: Self-adhesive Post-it Notes

Rule of the game

Each person writes the name of a real or fictitious personality on a post-it and sticks it on the front of their neighbor on the left. The latter will then, with the help of questions, guess who he is. If the answer is positive, he continues to interrogate the other players to discover his identity. As soon as it comes up against a “no”, then it’s up to another person to play.

8. The forbidden words

Number of players: from 3 people

Material: self-adhesive labels, paper and pencils

Rule of the game

Before dinner, all the guests choose common words like dessert, car, holidays, chairs …

Each guest draws three, that he will never be able to say of the whole evening, then the writings on a label that will stick on him in a visible way.

The other players must use all the possible ploys so that their competitors pronounce one of the words which are forbidden to them.

9. Exquisite corpse

Number of players: from 3 people

Material: an accordion folded paper and a pencil.

Rule of the game

Invented by the surrealists, this game consists of having a person compose a sentence, or a story, by several people without taking into account the words written previously.

The guests are then transmitted in turn the sheet taking care to hide what has already been registered. The first is to write the subject, the second the verb, the third the adjective, the fourth a complement … And so on until a sentence is grammatically logical, even if it can be find empty of meaning!
To add a difficulty, one of the players can even try to mime it to make others discover it.

10. Neither yes nor no

Number of players: from 2 people

Material: none

Rule of the game

This classic is to give a pledge to the player who will pronounce one of the prohibited words, “yes” and “no”.

This is the time to use all the possible synonyms and imaginable to succeed in not being trapped. You will never have used the words and phrases “absolutely”, “absolutely”, “I do not think”, or “niet”!
It does not seem insurmountable to you? You will realize however that these two little words are an integral part of your daily life …

Good luck!


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