1. Sunil K Dogra said: A piece of clothing is worn by me. 80% of people say it looks good. Then I will buy another. A business opportunity is met by me. 80% of people say that I can do it. Then I will never go with it. I am convinced that the world’s 2/8 law is why 80% of the world is poor and 20% are rich. Because 20% of people do things that people do not understand, and 80% of people do not insist on correct choices. Success is only for people who have vision, dare to challenge and understand.

2. It took 4 years for the bamboo to grow. It was only 3 centimeters long, but from the 5th year onwards, it grew frantically at a speed of 30 centimeters per day, and it took 15 meters to grow in just 6 weeks. In fact, in the first four years, bamboos will extend hundreds of square meters in the soil. This is also true for people doing things. Don’t worry about paying no return, because these efforts are all for the sake of rooting. When the time is ripe, you will reach the peak of others.

3. Life is just like playing cards. Those who get a good hand won’t necessarily win. Those who get a bad hand won’t necessarily lose. The game of life also requires courage, skill, and need to get bad spirits and actions that can also produce good results. If you unfortunately get a bad hand, you must give full play to the greatest effect of each card; try to play the best results. If you cannot win the entire life, then losing is a win.

4. When someone is misunderstood, he can smile a little, literacy; when he is wronged, he can smile and be generous; when he loses, he can laugh and be open-minded; when he is helpless, he can smile and he can realize the state; when he is in danger, he can smile and the atmosphere; When you are frivolous, you can smile calmly and confidently; when you are disappointed, you can smile softly and free and easy. Are you laughing today?

5. The wife wanted her husband to come home early, so she stipulated that: after arriving home at 11 o’clock, he would lock the door. The first week worked. In the second week, her husband returned late. The wife locked the door according to the situation, so her husband simply did same every day. His wife was depressed and she was ordered by an expert to change the rules. He would not come home before 23 o’clock and she would open the door only to sleep. Her husband was shocked and returned home on time. It can be seen that the essence of the system lies not in coercion but in the pulling of the interests of the executed people.

6. People should be pepper-like and enthusiastic; they should be like cabbage and have a hierarchy; they should follow closely what they are.

7. Don’t be cheap yourself, don’t be willing to pay, don’t wish to cater to others, different circles, and don’t have to cope. It is better to waste time on others than to do what you like. Constantly learning to improve personal qualities, temperament and charisma is something that is worth the effort.

8. A lifetime of touch: touched the direction, brilliance for a lifetime; met the fortune, Shun a lifetime; met the hobby, enrich life; touched the lover, happiness for a lifetime; touched the teacher, harvested a lifetime; met the leadership, loose lifetime. We need to have luck, but also need to have a reluctant attitude.

9. A phone call from a friend, a goodwill reminder from a stranger, and a friendly smile from passing out… We are grateful to those who are inadvertently coming from the warmth of relatives and friends and strangers, and would like to be able to light up the lives of others. It is the warmth and goodness of each “you” that dispels the haze and cold of the world.

10. The chick asked the hen: Can you walk me out without playing? Hen: No, I have to work! The chicken said: “You have so many eggs! The hen is very meaningful to the chick: One egg a day, a kitchen knife standing by the side, not eggs in January, sees in the pressure cooker. The child remembers that existence exists because you create value, and it is eliminated because you lose value. The past value does not represent the future, so work hard every day!