You might not think that there are any habits that make you unlikable. But, in this article, we will discuss 10 things you do on a regular basis that can be off-putting to others. Once you know what they are, it’ll be easier to stop doing them and become more likable!

What is Likability?

In a nutshell, likability is the quality of being pleasant or agreeable. In other words, people like you, when they find that what you say and do, are nice. In this article, you will go through 10 habits that can make you unlikeable.

Talking about yourself too much

You might think that talking about yourself is the best way to get people interested in you. In reality, it can do just the opposite. People find self-centered conversations off-putting because they’ll wonder why you are so focused on your own life and not theirs? It’s also important to be humble when discussing successes too!

Being too serious

Sarcasm is usually a good thing, but when you’re too serious or overly focused on the negative side of things, people will start to avoid you. There’s nothing wrong with talking about your problems or being upset in certain situations, but if it becomes all-encompassing and depressing for long periods of time – that can be off-putting.

Too much complaining

Complaining is a natural part of life and it’s important to vent from time to time, but if you do it all the time your friends will stop wanting to hang out with you because they’ll feel like listening to your problems is too draining. Instead, focus on how great this weekend was or that you’re grateful for your job. It might be hard at first, but it’ll get easier with time!

Talking too much about other people’s problems

We all love to listen when someone wants to share their trials and tribulations because we find joy in the happiness of others. We also want our friends to talk about themselves so that they don’t feel like our life is better than theirs. But if you’re constantly talking about other people’s problems then they won’t want to share with you because it’ll make them seem like the only one who needs help!

Always being late

Being on time is a sign of being respectful. If you’re always late to meetings, events, and conversations then people will think that you don’t care about them enough to make the effort. It can also be frustrating for others because they won’t know what’s going on with your day or where they stand in your life which makes it hard to have a genuine conversation.

Believing you’re better than others

It’s okay to feel proud of yourself, but if you rely on this sentiment for happiness then people will start to avoid hanging out with you because they’ll think that it’s all about them being worse than other people. It can also be offensive since not everyone is as fortunate as you and they might be struggling with their own problems.

Being too needy

There’s nothing wrong with needing someone from time to time, but if it becomes the only thing that makes your day happy then people will start avoiding you because of how draining it can become for them. They’ll feel like they’re being sucked dry every single conversation and they’ll also start to feel like they’re not good enough for you.

Always being on your phone

It’s important to be connected with the world, but if you’re always on your phone then people will think that you don’t care about them. It can also make it hard for others to connect with you because they won’t know what else is going on in your life and feel like they are not a priority.


Name-dropping is a natural habit in some social circles, but if you do it all the time then people will start to avoid you. They’ll feel like they can never be good enough for you and that their opinion doesn’t matter.


Gossiping is a natural habit for some, but if you do it all the time then people will start to avoid you. They’ll feel like they can never be good enough for you and that their opinion doesn’t matter.


It’s important to make sure you’re not doing any of these things because they can have a negative effect on your friendships. Don’t be too intense in one area and don’t put all your focus there either!