Dan Harris, an American journalist, author, and former anchor of ABC’s Nightline and co-anchor of the weekend edition of Good Morning America, is widely recognised for his journalism work and advocacy of meditation and mindfulness. His book 10% Happier and subsequent podcast delve into his personal journey with meditation, inspired by a panic attack he experienced live on television. Harris left ABC News in 2021 to focus fully on his meditation company and podcasting work.

Watch out here comes some BDP ( Blatant Dan Promotion!)

His book 10% Happier chronicles Harris’s journey into mindfulness and meditation, spurred by a live-TV panic attack that revealed his stress and anxiety. In the book, Harris combines skepticism with humor to address misconceptions about meditation while offering practical advice. He emphasises that meditation isn’t about attaining a state of perfect calm but finding practical ways to improve mental well-being incrementally, even if just by “10%.”

“The pursuit of happiness becomes less about the bottom line and more about how you engage with yourself and others.” Dan Harris

The book’s success led to the creation of a podcast, also titled 10% Happier, and a meditation app. These resources expand on the book’s themes through interviews, courses, and guided meditations, all aimed at helping people incorporate mindfulness into their daily lives.

My 3 Takeaways From 10% Happier:

1. Skepticism is Normal: Harris acknowledges his initial skepticism toward meditation and addresses common misconceptions, making mindfulness relatable to those who think they can’t meditate or don’t need to.

2. Integrating Meditation into Busy Lives: Despite a demanding career, Harris advocates for finding a few minutes daily to practice meditation. It doesn’t require significant time investments to be effective.

3. Self-Compassion: Learning to treat oneself with the same kindness shown to others reduces harsh self-criticism and enhances emotional resilience.

10% Happier serves as both a personal narrative and practical guide, encouraging readers to explore mindfulness without unrealistic expectations.


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