Inspirational quotes are a great source to motivate us. Isn’t? Some times they make us overcome when we feel low at life. It is a great source to make our day beautiful and full of energy. And it is more motivational if it is taken from the greatest. Therefore, we will tell you 10 of the best motivational quotes from the greatest that will kickstart your day. The following are.

1. I have tried 99 times and have failed, but on the 100th time came success- Albert Einstein.

2. There is always a better way- Thomas Edison

3. Money never starts an idea; it’s
the idea that starts the money
Mark Victor Hansen

4. I have failed over and over again.
That is why I succeed- Michael Jordan

5. He who conquers others is strong.
He who conquers himself is
mighty- Lao Tzu

5. Think BIG! You are going to be
thinking anyway, so think BIG!
Donald Trump

6. If the mind of man can believe,
the mind of man can achieve – Napoleon Hill

7. Why? Why not? Why not you?
Why not now?- Aslan

8. Consult not your fears, but your hopes
and your dreams. Think not about your
frustrations, but about your unfilled
potential. Concern yourself not with
what you have tried and failed in, but
for what is still possible for you to do- Pope John XXIII

9. All of our dreams can come true
if we have the courage to
pursue them- Walt Disney

10. Tomorrow is now- Elanor Roosevelt

Surely these quotes will make your day motivated and with full energy. Do rate us in the comment box whether the article helped you or not?

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