Photo by Ana Tavares on Unsplash
Photo by Ana Tavares on Unsplash

For some reason, the summer is when a lot of people make big life changes. Kids are out of school, relationships end, people get married, people move, people travel.

The summer is a season that brings about a lot of change often, for a lot of folks. These next 2 months tend to bring about shifts in some area for us.

That said, we’re also in the month that signifies the middle of the year, which makes us a bit introspective & reflective of where we are so far in the year and what we have or haven’t accomplished with respect to our goals – personal & otherwise.

Have we lost the weight we wanted to? Did we actually change our diet? Are we being honest about our relationships & what we truly want out of life? These are all questions that can come, but they tend to be too broad & without focus.

I want to provide some very pivotal questions/prompts for you to either write down (which I recommend) or just simply sit with, for the remainder of this month. Actually, I’d like you to read through them and “feel them out” for the one or two that really beckon to be evaluated.

If any one of these prompts feels like it hits you between the eyes, gets you in the gut, or feels intimidating to answer, that’s the ONE or few you need to focus on MOST. Don’t ignore your intuition or the power of self-inquiry now. It’s time for honesty.

As a side thought, while inquiry is extremely needed & powerful, don’t get TOO up in your head either. Often, we can stifle out something really really great before it even gets a chance to get its wings, because we’re too frustrated with the PROCESS. Don’t get too up in your head answering and analyzing the question(s), you leave your heart out of the mix.

I’ve always said my mind should be reasoning with and listening to what my heart is communicating; not the other way around.

Know that this inquiry process may not be comfortable. But your honesty is the KEY to your transformation now, and the freedom you’re SOOOOO internally desiring.

In the spirit of transparency, I’m also sharing the two that I’m currently exploring that are relevant for me. Look for the asterisks. **

 Photo by Ana Tavares on Unsplash
Photo by Ana Tavares on Unsplash

1 – Who are you TODAY?

Not who were you 6 months ago or 3 years ago – who are you NOW? Yes, you used to want different things, but it’s okay that you probably changed. Who are you TODAY? What does that mean and how does it inform how you move forward?

**One of my current prompts I’m exploring

2 – Why are you stalling?

What are you waiting on and why? Whether it’s relational, job-related, or a tough conversation, why is it taking you time and what’s that about? Explore the tough realities around this.

3 – What is acceptable?

What is going to make you incredibly happy? What feels like warmth in your soul and heart? Why are you resisting deserving it? What does your new standard consist of? THIS is the least of what you should be accepting in all aspects of whatever it is. Anything less than what’s acceptable to you then, is settling for less to prevent loss – likely loss you NEED to experience to grow.

4 – Do you think it’s fair to continue carrying what/who no longer serves you?

Why are you staying in the unhealthy marriage or relationship or job? What is that accomplishing for you that moves you and the planet forward toward their highest potential? Why is that current state okay with you? Do you think you’re actually doing a disservice to the other person or situation by avoiding transition?

As an interim thought, do not judge your responses. Sit with them and be honest about them. No one else can hear this process but you, but if you’re unwilling to do it, you’ll continue in the same way you have been. It’s better to make conscious transitions than unconscious or immature ones.

 Photo by Alex Loup on Unsplash
Photo by Alex Loup on Unsplash

5 – How much energy are you giving to fear & possible disappointment?

Are you ready to relinquish what could be the best transition for your life or work because of irrational fears? What is the internal consequence of clinching on to the worst that could happen? Is the worst as bad as your mind is trying to get you to believe?

6 – What do you know could be accessible without the naked eye?

This is about possibilities & vision. Get real about all the wonders that could occur – the deep breaths you could take in because you chose yourself.

7 – What or who is your heart calling you to, in order to start a new process?

This doesn’t have to be relational, although it usually is. It can be related to something else. But in either case, this question is about determining reason and motive for what you FEEL. Why has it popped up now? What is the PURPOSE of the connection (or your theory of it)? What is the new process and would it ultimately serve your growth and highest good?

**My second prompt I’m exploring personally

8 – What have you been trying to manipulate into submission, so you can control the results?

This is extremely unhealthy, yes. But it’s good to be honest about it. Sometimes, we actually believe we can manipulate or control another person or situation in order to be happy or get what we want, knowing this is neither healthy nor possible. It’s not healthy because karma is at work, so that what we reap we’ll get right back (then usually wonder why we’re not satisfied), and it’s not possible to be happy from this energetic flow, because it’s not being purely explored.

What do you continue standing in front of asking it to be oranges when it’s apples and will always be apples? How much energy are you extending to attempt to make something more than it is, good enough when it’s not, or look like something else when it’s not?

9 – What direction do you want to move toward?

Many times, we have a desire for some state of being, yet our behaviors and actions say a totally different thing. We’re trying to manifest something directly with indirect and passive actions that would never bring it about. It takes purposeful behaviors and action to manifest exactly what you want.

So what do you REALLY want and what are you DOING to bring it about? Behavior and mindset is attached to manifestation.

10 – What internal traps do you need to overcome and heal?

Inevitably, when we need to move through a transition, there can be many things pop up (via our mind) to try & prevent it: Past hurts, current patterns, fears, insecurities, what if’s, worst-case scenarios, over-analyzations, old wounds, etc. All of these are internal traps designed by the ego to keep you from moving. Which ones do you know you have? How can you deal with each one, one at a time? How will you know you’re healed from those traps? What will be the feeling or the sign?

Enjoy the rest of your summer and finish your year strong. 

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