Stop Procrastination

“Stop saving things for that special occasion. In the world that we are living, being alive to see another day is a special occasion.”

Some people in our midst are under the impression that tomorrow is promised to them. They are often the queens and kings of procrastination. You know who they are.⁣
The masters of the “I’ll do it tomorrow” club.⁣

They often are also the same people who hold off on doing, wearing, or saying something for a “special occasion.” Far too many people who go through life with this mindset miss out on some great opportunities.⁣
Waiting for tomorrow. That “special” moment, place, etc.⁣
As if they have that kind of control.⁣
Not. To date, 94K Americans, 330K people globally, have lost their lives to an ugly virus called Covid-19.⁣

We can only speculate how many phenomenal dreams and goals were never fully realized because of this loss. We can only wonder how many planned to do, say, become, etc. something at a future date that never arrived. It’s heartbreaking to think of the loss and how the world will never experience the impact of some of these amazing people.⁣

Some of you are reading this and feeling some kind of way because maybe, just maybe, parts of this message regarding delays and excuses are stepping on your toes. At a minimum, you know someone guilty of this behavior.

For those aren’t aware, PROCRASTINATION IS A DREAM KILLER, but there are ways to slay it. After all, your dreams are useless without your presence.

So, let’s agree to at least these ten things: ⁣
1. Regardless of the circumstances, take a moment, and embrace the beauty of this and every day. ⁣

2. Never go to bed angry, especially with the person lying beside you.⁣

3. Take nothing or no one for granted. ⁣

4. Review your 2020 goals. ⁣ I kind of think they may be requiring some editing at this point.

5. Take steps to get in action and cease talking about it. Get started already!

6. Invest in your dreams. Nothing worth having comes without a cost.⁣

7. Live life to the fullest. Screw mediocrity!⁣

8. Be the best role model for your children. They’re watching.⁣

9. Believe in yourself, even when others don’t.⁣

10. Be prepared for and begin to embrace your new normal.⁣⁣

Most importantly, never forget – today and every day that you have breath in your body is a special occasion.⁣


  • Jacqueline Miller

    Bridging the Gap Between Working Moms & Their Aspirations for Excellence in Life & Career

    Award-winning entrepreneur, motivational speaker, #1 Amazon bestselling author, blogger, certified life strategist and grief support facilitator. Areas of expertise include clarity (mindset mastery) empowerment (personal power), career success (work/life balance) personal development, diversity & inclusion, leadership & workplace conflict resolution. As a life coach, she helps Moms who are in, or who are nearing the empty nest stage prepare for, as well as navigate all the changes and challenges that come with it. "The status of your nest when it is empty will be determined by the actions you take when it is full."