1. Find a Mentor

Many people believe that they can figure out everything in life on their own. You can read books, watch movies or listen to experts to figure out what is excellent for you in life. But all of these alone aren’t enough.

You will need a mentor who can guide you at the crucial stages in life. The value of having a mentor is that you can use his/her experience to learn what things you should integrate into your life to attain success.

2. Learn To Say No

Think for a moment how not saying “NO” is affecting your life. It is ruining your work life and affecting your health.

Your employer brings an almost impossible task for you and you do not say no to him as you are afraid that it might affect your performance ratings. Sooner you learn to say NO, the better you become at prioritizing things in life.

3. Never Stop Learning

We all need to keep on learning new things to remain connected in life. Many grown-ups think that they know everything and do not feel the need to invest their time in learning new things.

“When you stop learning, you start dying.”

A person can be of any age — one should never stop learning no matter what. Read books on different topics, join communities (Local or online), Reddit and Medium are two great places for people to learn new things everyday.

4. Be Patient

Take the high road. Stay patient. The high road is less utilized but worth the extra effort. Everything takes time. Especially good.

5. Work hard and be humble

Treat everyone with respect and dignity. Nothing in life worth having comes easy. You have to work hard for that. Be HUMBLE. Don’t let someone disrespect you. Stand up for yourself when appropriate, be confident, and learn to disagree and fight for what you really believe in. But leave the ego at the doorstep.

6. Love wholeheartedly

Never let bad past change you into someone you’re not. Love truly — If you hold back because people will hurt or leave you, you won’t ever be able to experience the full experience of love itself.

Learn how to love unconditionally. Don’t try to change another human being into your own definition of perfection. No one’s perfect. You have to learn to accept people the way they are.

7. Respect Women

Disrespecting women isn’t manliness — It’s weakness. Don’t be a coward. Respect women. A woman is a sister, a mother and a wife. She deserves an endless amount of love.

8. Have Multiple Source of Income

Take whatever hobby or passion you have, and work on turning it into a business. Never depend on one source of income.

You may have a job, but you will quickly learn that a job is never promised. It’s always a good idea to have more than one source of income. Ignoring this tip is why people live hand to mouth.

9. Gain a new skill, and master it

There are many skills out there. Try some. And see what you like. See where your heart lies. Then go and completely own it.

Once you gain a new skill on your own and master it, you open yourself up to a lifetime of learning potentials.

The skill that can help you in a long run is learning to code. Knowing how to code and be a developer will really pay off in the short run and the long run.

10. Travel

The world is a beautiful place! Go out and see new places, meet different people, learn their culture. Experience milky-way galaxy in the night. Immerse yourself in the calmness of river, mountains and dark nights.

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