What is about money that makes people squirm?

The majority of the population have more credit card debt than savings. Lots of people have no savings at all and a good proportion of the population have no clue how they will fund retirement in their “golden years” and that’s just the USA, the land of opportunity, the land of the American dream. 

So what does this tell us? That it’s hard to be wealthy?

That wealth is only for the elite?

You see, I think that people have a fundamentally flawed view of money. How much money we accumulate in life is not dictated to by who is in political power or the economy or even our boss. It’s about the financial education we have and the choices that we make in life.

Money is not peace of mind and money is not happiness. 

Money is at its essence a measure of a woman’s choices. 

My philosophies of life and business 

1. Everything, including money, is energy, a vibration. Whether we receive more of it depends on the way we think, feel and act around the subject of money.  

2. Our beliefs form our reality. In order for our financial circumstances to change our beliefs must change first.

3. Money doesn’t make us happy, stable, secure or give us freedom, but the person we become in the accumulation of wealth does. 

4. Earning more money does not free you from scarcity and worry. Having a financial education and knowing how to get your money working for you does. 

5. We all have a purpose in the world, a unique brilliance that only you possess. You are meant to be fulfilling that purpose and you deserve to be paid well for doing so. The universe actually wants you to live an abundant life.

6. There is no need to hustle to earn a fortune. Making money can be easy, effortless and you can live in balance whilst enjoying an incredible income.

7. YOU are your most valuable asset. Your income will never exceed your personal development. 

8. Everyone is capable of extraordinary success regardless of background, status, education, sex or culture.

9. The school education system teaches you skills to be a worker and serve the rich to become rich. You must seek your own education through personal development.

10. When a woman chooses greatness and refuses to be mediocre, she lights the way for other women to do the same. The ripple effect is felt across the world. 

When your thinking changes the whole world as you know it changes forever. Your thoughts create the world you live in and no one can take that power from you. You have the innate ability to consciously create your best life and your best income. 

The world is changing as a new wave of female entrepreneurs light up and change the way people do business, create wealth and impact the lives of others. You are part of that change and you are being called to act. It all starts with your thoughts, change your life, change the world around you. 

By Michelle Stonhill

7-Figure Success Coach For Female Entrepreneurs

Bestselling Author of Miss Money Bags


10 Philosophies of Life and Business