The rise of green energy suppliers has come as a welcome surprise to many who campaign against the harmful effects of global warming. Green energy comes from natural sources such as sunlight, wind, plants and rain. These sources are renewable making them a better option for us all than using fossil fuels. Fossil fuels take millions of to form and diminish with use making them harmful to our environment.

If you are still unsure about renewable sources let’s look at 10 reasons to support green energy suppliers…

1.It Helps The Environment.

Switching to a green energy supplier would make a positive impact on our environment. Coal, oil and manmade gas all damage the air and water polluting it and hurting all forms of life in the progress. It’s continued use damages the planet’s atmosphere affecting global warming.

2.Healthcare Will Improve

Health in general will improve if enough people switched to green energy suppliers. Because the air pollution would get better, respiratory diseases would start to decline enabling our health care services to focus on different areas of health.

3.Poorer Areas Will Improve

Green energy sources are usually situated away from urban built up areas meaning more local jobs would become available which would help drive our economy.

4.You’ll Help Fight Global Warming

Fossil fuels generally hurt our environment though harmful emissions. Switching to a green energy plan help avoids these greenhouse gases. Switching is easy and green energy companies are usually more helpful and will endeavour to help make the change easy for you.

5.It’s Cheaper

You will be able to generate your own energy to power your home. Water, wind and sunlight are all free so once the technology is inplace the cost of generating fuel becomes a lot cheaper. All of these sources are of course renewable.

6.The Price Stays the Same

This type of green energy os not only cheaper the price should stay the same. Fossil fuels such as oil constantly fluctuates on a daily basis which can have negative consequences on our fragile economy.

7.You Could Become More Self Sufficient

You and Britain as a whole would not have to rely on other countries to supply us with oil and gas. This would have positive effects on politics as the government would have to bend to certain agendas from abroad.

8.You Could Live Off The Grid

Green energy suppliers help you live a more natural way of life and would suit your farming and water need better. The gulf in price also lets you spend more on creating an eco friendly home.

9.Less Power Stations

Our green belt land would be preserved without fear of huge power stations ruining the environment. Our landscapes would be kept intact allowing all forms of wildlife to thrive.

10.Because It’s The Right Thing To Do

Although people seem hesitant to switch. Making the choice to move to green energy is a great thing to do. It helps our planet therefore helps you, your family, your friends, wildlife and nature as a whole. With all these positives points surely it’s time to consider switching to green energy now.