Parents are not able to be around their children 24/7, which mean they aren’t always able to protect them from danger. Fortunately, there are a variety of wearable safety device brands that make it easier for children to notify emergency contacts when they feel that they are in danger. All users need is a smartphone with Bluetooth capability to reap the benefits of owning one of these tiny guardian angels. 

These safety tags can give parents everywhere a sense of security and a peace of mind in just a click of a button. Some of them have features such as GPS location tracking and audio enabling. 

Here are the top 10 reasons why these pocket-sized devices are worth the investment. 

They are Discreet

These safety pebbles can be worn almost anywhere including on a key chain, a necklace, waistband, bra strap and many other places to ensure that it is concealable. This makes it easier for individuals to seek help by pressing the button located on top of the device if they are feeling unsafe without making it obvious. 

2. Creates Emergency Contact Lists

Users can download apps for these safety tags and import a list of contacts that they would like to be alerted in the event of an emergency. Some of these devices allow users to press the button to let contacts know that they arrived at their destination in a safe manner. 

3. Enables GPS Location

When a user presses the button on the device it enables their location for the chosen contacts making it easier for them to assist the user in a time of need. It only enables the GPS location if the button on the safety tag is pressed.

4. Strong Battery Life

Most of these wireless devices have a strong battery life and their apps notify you when the battery is running out of juice. The average lifespan for the battery is 6 to 12 months and most can be purchased online at a reasonable price. 

5. Most are Affordable

The prices for safety tags can range anywhere from $12.99 to $300. There are a lot of brands that are under $100 and still feature GPS tracking services. Some brands have small monthly fees between $5-$10. 

6. Lots of Devices to Choose From

There are a wide range of wearable safety tags to purchase, but they all have the same goal of saving lives. They come in different price ranges, colors and have different unique features that can protect your child when they are not under parental supervision. 

7. Most are Fashionable

These Bluetooth devices have unique looks that are very fashion forward. Some look like average jewelry pieces like cocktail rings, necklaces, bracelets and watches. Tags designed specifically for kids come in different colors and patterns making it something that your little one won’t mind wearing. 

8. Easy to Use

These tiny pebbles are user-friendly making it easy for kids and parents to use in order to get help in the event that danger occurs. Most safety devices only require one click of a button which can alert contacts right away. 

9. Provides Parents with Peace of Mind

When children are away from their parents it can cause some distress, but wearable safety tags can help provide some relief. Parents who purchase these items for their children can feel comfort in knowing that they can help their child if they are in a dangerous situation. 

10. They Saves Lives

These devices can save lives with just a click of a button making the world feel a little bit safer. By owning a wearable safety device kids will be able to get help they need in an emergency. 

Wearable safety tags are available online and in some retail stores for purchase. It is recommended that parents search for the perfect safety device that best fits their child before purchasing. There are a lot of comparisons and reviews online. 

What wearable safety device would you recommend for a child?


  • Keyera Mitchell

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