Every sport has its pro and a con and there are many that affect us in different ways. Some make us strong bodily whereas others make us learn how to be consistent. Some help us develop better muscles while others help us think in a different way. One way or another every game or a sport helps us and our personality grow. Physically, emotionally and most importantly mentally, ping pong has an important role in helping our brain flourish. It has some really good effects on our mind that we actually don’t experience but they do exist.

10. Helps To Pay Attention

            When the game is all about keeping the focus inside it actually helps the body and the brain to focus itself to a specific location or an object. This gives a better ability in focusing on other things as our vision and our brain work in accordance to each other. When we learn how to pay attention to certain thing our brain starts receiving more and more signals which keeps it running and alternatively helps us to keep it healthy.

9. Improves Memory

            Obviously you know that a ball actually bounced at that specific area, it travelled at that speed and reached your opponent in this angle, all of this information progresses in your brain actually helping you to modify the situation again and present it in a little different fashion which will make your opponent miss one more time. In other words, you memorise their mistake and try to expose it again with help of your memory this actually lets the brain memorise things quickly which can later help you remember most of the things.

8. Motor Control

            Because of too much movement the body gets used to different body postures and activities. This alternatively improves the motor response of the body and promote brain plasticity, the ability of the brain to change based on an experience or environmental factors. Motor cortex, the part of the brain’s outer covering that lights up when you do any voluntary movement, and in the cerebellum, which is critical for fine motor control gets enhanced which is really helpful for the later coming critical moments of life.

7. Removes Anxiety

            There is a thing that is called a mood, now most of the people who don’t really know how our body works or really don’t have an idea for how the mood works then we must tell you that they are all caused because of your brain releasing different hormones that determine what your mood is going to be. Neurotransmitters are vital chemicals that regulate various brain functions, and aerobic exercise affects major ones like dopamine (movement, emotional responses, feelings of pleasure) playing ping pong actually helps keeping these neurotransmitters remain intact and working in a good fashion so that you never feel down and the brain stays healthy as well.

6. Reduces Diseases

            Once again as you need to do a lot of work with your brain it’s just like running a machinery every now and then so that it doesn’t get rusty and catch other problems because of being operation for a very long time. Ping pong has known to be targeting the reduction of the lethal brain diseases like the dementia and also Alzheimer’s disease. The brain being in a constant movement actually is because of this very game and this might seem like a very small activity but clearly the results are very noticeable.

5. Reduces Calories

            This might sound a little irrelevant to how the brain is going to be healthy but you must notice that obesity actually makes the brain a little slow and that is proven multiple times by tons of other researchers as well. Playing game like ping pong can reduce those calories. It’s like taking off the workload from your brain and letting it operate in a rather healthier and operate-able environment. So rest of the math you can definitely do on finger tips!

4. Improves Reflexes

            Thanks to the game going this quick, when you start playing it for a longer period of time your brain gets used to processing complex situations rather quickly this actually helps it to later improve your motor responses and do something in a snap that otherwise isn’t something possible with a normal body. Apart from improving reflexes it also improves you in puzzle solving games and that is all coming from your brain and your brain is getting affected because of ping pong itself.

3. Helps Balancing

            The brain actually connects a bit more with ears than the normal body modification. The connection between them improves which helps you get a better hearing ability as well. Since the game requires a lot of moving forward and backwards alongside on the left and right with ping pong paddle, the brain actually signals more to the body to position itself in an ideal way and this can help you stay in your senses for a longer period of time even if you’re attempted to lose them in the first place.

2. Stimulates Different Parts of the Brain

            It’s not entirely about the brain and the body coordination that should be discussed it’s about a complete brain itself as well. Ping pong is designed to give you a better reach to the other parts of the brain.

1. Keeps Brain Sharp

            Last but not least it is going to make you stand above all by keeping your brain sharp. This involves the rapid response of course and also a better blood flow to the brain. Which later gives you a healthier body. As the brain works faster all of the changes that you expect like losing weight or getting informed muscles occurs quickly as well.