Are you so uncomfortable at nights that you’ve termed yourself as ‘nocturnal?’ Do you find it difficult to slip into your sheets and catch a good night sleep? Is your sleep at night as bad as a quick afternoon nap?

Different people have different reasons behind their inability to sleep peacefully at nights, but out of all the various reasons, here are a few most common ones:

#1. You are highly stressed about something that has either happened in the past, is happening with you or is about to happen in the coming time: If you have been going through some sort of stress or anxiety, you are bound to turn nocturnal.

#2. You have a terrible eating pattern due to which you are mostly acidic. What time do you eat at nights? Are you eating way too early or way too late? You must have your dinner at least two hours before you go off to sleep.

#3. You are going through strange heart palpitations and are unaware about the heart problems you are facing. If you have heart problems, you need to consult a doctor.

#4. You are overly dependent on sleeping tablets or pills. Those who have been consuming sleeping tablets for a long period of time find it difficult to sleep, naturally.

#5. You have been on anti-depressants for a long period of time. Anti-depressants not only cheer you up but also make you sleep. If you have been on anti-depressants for quite some time, you may have to give a little time to your body to adjust with the no-pill life.

#6. You are using a wrong pillow. Pillows play an important role in a good night sleep. If you want to sleep peacefully, make sure that you use a firm and breathable pillow. If you suffer from back pain or neck pain, it is advised that you use an orthopedic pillow.

#7. Your mattress is giving you troubles. Spend at least an hour on selecting the right kind of mattress for yourself. If you have a good mattress, it is easier for you to fall asleep.

#8. You watch horror flicks just before going off to bed. No doubt you don’t get scared, but horror films have a negative impact on your mind and thus, your brain doesn’t allow you to sleep.

#9. You are going through severe constipation. The feeling that your stomach is ‘unclean’ may not allow you to get a good sleep at night.

#10. You are insomniac. Insomnia has become quite common these days. You can consult a doctor to find out if you are insomniac.

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  • Kristina P.

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