Kipping fit may become a real challenge for a person. 85% of all people around the world choose foolish diets and exhausting training to look great. They are slim but often irritated because of it. Have you ever tried to forget about endless and exhausting diets and lead a normal way of life remaining slim and healthy? In case you think that it’s impossible, try 10 simple eating habits from iHealth which will change your attitude towards dieting and constant limitations.

Buy Only Fresh Vegetables and Fruit

Fresh vegetables and fruit contain many nutritious and wholesome vitamins, fats, carbs, and proteins. Eat them fresh or cook on your own. Bake, stew, boil, make juice or use slow cookers. Such way of cooking allows you to avoid extra fat and preserve all useful food properties.

Choose Whole Grain Products

Wholemeal bread, pasta, oatmeal, wild or brown rice and other whole grain products help to digest, lower cholesterol and blood pressure, control weight, redistribute fat, make you feel full, regulate blood sugar, and even lower cancer risk.

Say “No” to Extra Salt and Sugar

Products with too much of salt and sugar have empty calories which lead to extra weight. If you purchase ready food, read the labels to be sure that it doesn’t contain extra salt and sugar.

Be Active

Don’t exhaust yourself with endless training. Choose a sport that suits you – yoga, swimming, tennis, etc. Prefer stairs instead of lift. Choose walking but not car driving. If it’s possible, don’t lead a sitting way of life.

Drink More Water

Refuse from too sweet drinks and purchased juice that also contains much sugar. Drink no more than 8 glasses of water a day. If you want to drink something tasty and sweet, make herbal tea or water with lemon and mint. If necessary, add brown sugar.

Reduce Portions and Eat Oftener

eat huge portions
, especially, for dinner. Eat fewer but oftener. It’s also important not to hurry up. Eating slowly you can help your digesting and stop in time. When you eat fast your stomach is getting full fast but the feeling of satiety comes later. As a result, you overeat.

Vary Meals

Healthy eating is not a diet. It’s a lifestyle. Life isn’t monotonous and your food must also vary. It helps to supply your organism with all necessary vitamins and minerals and avoid stress. Solutions4WeightLoss psychologists have proved the direct connection between your meals and emotions. People who are limited in food choice are depressed oftener than others. Experiment with dishes, add new ingredients and spices. Make your food tastier and feel happier.

Don’t “Eat” Your Stress

Lots of people eat being depressed. Tasty food helps to feel better but the results of such therapy can lead to obesity. If you are in bad mood, try to focus on some interesting activity or hobby like reading, watching films, sports, dancing, or you can choose healthy products like apples or grapefruits.

Sleep Enough

People lose weight not only during exercises but also during sleep. Michigan University researchers proved that people can get rid of 14 pounds a year while sleeping. When you sleep less than 7 hours, your body requires additional energy and due to that you feel hungry and consume more food.

Don’t Starve and Breakfast Regularly

Unbalanced diets and starving lead to health state worsening because of organism exhaustion. When a person gives up dieting, he/she can gain more kilos than before it. Why? The organism tries to restore the resources in larger amounts as a reserve for future.
To become healthy and fit, you must forget about inadequate diets and choose healthy eating.