Travel can be very stressful and hard on your body and mind. It can wreak havoc on your energy levels making you feel tired, overwhelmed, exhausted, and even sick.

I love exploring new destinations but for years I was afraid to travel far because  I suffered from extreme jet lag, lower back and shoulder pain, and migraines. When visiting Europe (my favorite destination because I love museums) I needed almost two days in a hotel room to recover. You can see how crippling that was. It took away from the time I had to explore and enjoy.

I was desperate to find a way to change that because I wanted to travel a lot more. So many places left to see! But there was so much to overcome in the traveling process to make that happen.


There are masses of people brought together in one place with no where to go wait. All with different energies. Some are anxious because they’re afraid of flying. Others are worried they might lose their connections. Parents are running around trying to keep their kids entertained. And even though you might be on vacation, many others are traveling for work getting deals closed right before they board their flights.


Let’s be honest, the space between rows keeps getting smaller and smaller every year. Tons of people with a plethora of different energies all sitting right next to each other breathing the same recycled air for hours that seem to drag on for days.

All these factors can really put a damper on your vacations if you don’t know how to manage your energies.


Our bodies were not designed to travel at the speeds we travel in today’s world. Especially air travel. They have to acclimate to two (and maybe more) completely different climates and time zones in a matter of hours.

I love visiting the Caribbean (where I was born) but I’ve been living in the desert for over 8 years now and my body has become accustomed to the dry climate. Which means that my body goes from very low humidity to almost 100% humidity in only a couple of hours! Argh! It feels like someone left the faucet open because it is non-stop sweating as soon as I step one foot outside the airport.

When you travel your body’s system can be thrown out of whack. Triggering headaches or migraines, upset stomach, back and shoulder pain, constipation or diarrhea. The prolonged stress responses can lower your immune system, leaving you open to catch other people’s colds or the flus.


After much research and trial and error I discovered that energy management was to make travel a more enjoyable experience.

The hacks I’m about to share with you helped me make the process  before and after my vacation a more easygoing and less stressful undertaking!

1. Visualize An Amazing Trip

Visualizing is an amazing manifesting tool that I use with all my clients. Start a couple of days before your trip. Close your eyes and picture all the fun things you’ll be doing while on vacation. This sets the intention of your trip experience.

2. Practice Deep Breathing

When your brain is not receiving enough oxygen you’ll feel anxious and groggy. Air is one of the ways our bodies receive energy. When you’re traveling you seldom have opportunities to be outside and walk on the ground or bask in sunlight (the other two main ways we receive energy). Therefore, air becomes one of your most important energy sources. Use your belly when taking deep breaths in, hold the air in for a couple of seconds, and then exhale.

3. Move And Stretch Often

During our travels we sit down a lot. Which is not good for our back and our energy flow. Whenever you get a chance, take a walk down the terminal or jog or hop in place. Stretching is also very important. You’ll avoid days filled with pain just by doing this.

4. Ground Your Body Before And After You Travel

What is grounding and why is it so important? It is simply reconnecting and realigning our energies with the Earth. This practice allows our bodies to connect with the Earth and enhances our mental, physical, and emotional well being. It helps you feel energized.

You can do this easily by walking barefoot on the ground (not on concrete), hugging a tree, taking an epsom salt bath, sitting down and visualize a current of energy or beam of light coming down through the top of your head, down your spine, and exiting your body by going into the earth.

5. Protect Your Eyes From Artificial Lights

Fluorescent and LED lights are often used in big buildings because they’re energy efficient but for many people, they’re too stimulating. Over exposure can trigger headaches and progress to migraines (that’s me).

I travel with a small visor and polarized glasses to use when I know I’m going to be spending a long time inside.

6. Meditate And Take Naps

We all know the amazing health effects of mediation. When traveling I meditate often to release stress (especially during take off). I keep meditation tunes on my phone for easy access. Once I am is inflight, I take full advantage and nap. I always feel reenergized afterwards. Especially during long flights or train rides. You can even avoid discomfort by always bringing a neck pillow.

7. Essential Oils

I use lavender because it is calming and relieves stress (especially if I feel a headache coming). Peppermint gives me that “pep” that wakes me up. I absolutely love lemongrass or orange to keep me going throughout the day.

8. Water

Drinking plenty of water and avoiding dehydration is key. Especially if your going to be indoors for extended periods of time. Air-conditioning and heaters then to dry your skin.

While traveling splashing your face with water when you’re tired (especially if it’s cold) will wake you up. I also use wet napkins (for body use) during long travel. It is very refreshing!

Once you get to your destination you can have a bath with epson salts. I myself love showers with warm water to start and cold at the end.

9. Don’t Skip Meals

Maintaining your blood sugar levels is so important. When you skip a meal your sugar level drops and that’s very stressful on your body. And we all know you don’t need any extra stressors. If you’re unsure about food being easily available, take healthy snacks with you.

10. Watch Your Caffeine Intake

I like to start my travels early in the morning so coffee is a must. I totally get that coffee is a must to be awake and not miss my flight. But watch out, because it’s easy to overdo it. You want to avoid being jolty when you need to sit still for a long time. Too much caffeine can disrupt your sleep later and you’ll be groggy and tired during your vacations when you’re supposed to be having lots of fun.

By using these tips I have more than doubled my travel in the past two years! I don’t feel jet lagged. On my last trip to Scotland, I went straight from the airport to dinner at an Italian restaurant.  Not needing to rest for two days allowed me to see more sights and experience the adventure of a lifetime. 

I see a lot more travel in your future!

With these hacks  your vacation won’t be ruined before it even starts. And you’ll avoid returning home sick after an amazing getaway.