My friend called last night feeling completely overwhelmed and demoralized. Covid cases are rising again, Afghanistan is in chaos, wildfires are out of control and she’s feeling completely paralyzed.  She wants to crawl under the covers, turn off the lights, and never come out.  I understand because I feel the same way!

So how do we take back our power and stop feeling a victim of the world?  As an Energy Intuitive, I would say it all begins with energy.  

Everything in the Universe is made of energy – our physical bodies, our thoughts and our emotions all carry weight and are made of moving particles of energy or vibrations.  So it follows that if we want real change, it begins at the root level which is the energetic level.

Our own energy field is largely affected by our thoughts or the way in which we “think” about the world.  If we think the world is scary, out of control and unsafe, that is largely what we’ll feel.  For these very thoughts create our emotions (fear, anxiety, worry, overwhelm, despair) and our emotions carry a specific vibration which then translates into our reality. Remember everything we see, hear, think, feel and touch is literally a vibration of energy.

This is not to discount all of the difficult things showing up in the world.  But rather than feeling a victim to all these things, what if we understood we are not so powerless after all?  What if we COULD change the energy in our small corner of the world and that small change had a ripple effect that shifted the energy for the entire world?  Simply put, when we change our energy, we change the world.

And how, you may ask, do we do such a momentous thing?  

Here is a list of 10 simple ways to raise your own vibration and shift the energy of those around you.

  • Buy flowers and leave them on the windshield of a parked car.
  • Give a sincere compliment to a stranger.
  • Send an email or a note to your favorite teacher from childhood.
  •  Leave a stack of frisbees in the park for people to play with.
  • Stop and pet a dog and ask the owner to tell you all about their pet.
  • Buy ice cream cones from the neighborhood ice cream truck for all the kids on the street.
  • Help carry someone’s groceries to their car.
  • Buy several boxes of cookies and hand them out to people you encounter throughout the day – the tollbooth operator, the dental hygienist, the crossing guard, or the road construction crew.
  • Call, text or send a card to your best friend’s mother (or father) thanking her/him for raising such a spectacular human.
  • Really look someone in the eye and say hello.

So instead of hiding out under your comforter, what’s the ONE thing you can do today to take back your power, shift the energy in your small corner, and literally light up the world?  You may only be one person.  But never underestimate the difference you make in this world.