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From a young age, children are interested in the world around them, and how to help the Earth as a kid! Earth Day gives us a unique opportunity to talk more about how our kids can help this wonderful planet that we inhabit. Kids can help save the Earth by making small changes now that will last them a lifetime! Keep reading for how kids can help the Earth…

This article originally appeared on Adore Them Parenting:  10 Simple Ways Kids Can Help the Earth

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How Kids Can Help the Earth

  1. Kids can Conserve Water

    • Turn off the water when you’re brushing your teeth, don’t fill the bathtub up too full, & be conscious of how much water you are using when you play outside water games over the summer.
  2. Kids can Save Electricity

    • Unplug the iPad charger when it is fully charged, turn off the TV when you’re not watching it, turn off the lights when you leave a room.
  3. Kids can Minimize Food Waste

    • Be aware of food waste by saving your leftovers for later or putting less on your plate next mealtime. Check out this article for 7 ways to avoid food waste!
  4. Kids can Recycle

    • Learn how to recycle various items and materials, & then be sure to do it correctly each week.
  5. Kids can Care for Animals & Insects

    • Bees & spiders might seem scary & icky, but they all serve a purpose in our environment. Learn more about the critters in your environment – they are fascinating!
  6. Kids can Waste Less Paper

    • Use both sides of a piece of paper to color, use scrap paper from other projects, or color on other fun materials like old cardboard boxes.
  7. Kids can Pick Up Trash

    • Help your local community by throwing away trash that you find on the sidewalks, at the playground, or around your school.
  8. Kids can Walk to Places

    • If there is a park, store, or library close to you, encourage your family to walk there together instead of driving the short distance.
  9. Kids can Try Composting

    • Composting allows you to turn your trash (like kitchen or yard waste) into reusable soil for your garden, which keeps this trash out of landfills and water treatment facilities.
  10. Kids can Keep Learning About Earth

    • One of the best ways that you can help the Earth is to continue to learn about it! There are amazing bits of science all around us every single day. (Try out these 30 science experiments for kids as a good place to start!) Keep learning & keep trying – together we can keep our Earth an incredible place to live 🙂

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