Your current office will make you fit. Don’t believe it?  Then continue to read on.

You are always at work. You hardly get a chance to move out of your seat. You remain glued to your desk like a moth to the flame. Only, moth does it for fun.

The idea of sitting at your chair until 6 p.m. might sound very appealing to some. But, in reality, it’s very dangerous for your health. It can not only cause neck or back pain but can also increase the risk of diabetes and heart diseases. In extreme situations, it can even lead to cancer and ultimately death.

If that sounds scary, don’t worry…

Well, its time you earn some fitness out of your office desk while making money out of it as well. Read below and create your own fitness center right in your office.

So, let’s begin!

1.      Your chair, your personal gym!

You sit on your office chair for close to nine hours, so you might as well do some simple exercises. Buttock squeezers, shoulder shrugs, biceps curls, Arnold press, etc., are some easy exercises that you can do on the chair. Simple breathing exercises and leg extensions can also be thrown in for a quick workout.

Stock your desk with tiny hand grippers and enjoy a quick squeeze every now and then. Use armrests to lift yourself up and hold the position for a few seconds. Lean back and do some chest press exercises. Invest in some resistance bands and take your workout a notch higher. Use water bottles in place of your dumbbells.

2.      Bye, bye chair, hello exercise ball!

Start a new trend in your office and swap your chair for an exercise ball. Trust us and others will follow suit! With this one simple replacement, you will be able to eliminate back problems in particular. Exercise ball also strengthens your abs, giving you a perfect mid-sectional workout. Moreover, the combination of the ball and the resistance band turns out to be very effective.

However, it is not best to overdo it. You must alternate between the ball and your chair in order to avoid straining your neck or back. Another important thing to remember is to seek permission before introducing this concept in your office. You won’t like to regret later!

3.      Stay grounded!

Need to talk to a colleague, better walk to their desk rather than ping them. Switch to your feet at every opportunity that you can. Take the staircase rather than the elevator. Encourage your team to have a meeting on the go. A phone call can be taken care of while walking. Take notes while remain standing.

Try not to limit your walking to only coffee breaks or when you want to excuse yourself. Incorporate walking and standing up as much as you can. Don’t lose out on any chance to walk. You can also take quick walking breaks once every two hours.

4.      Jazz up your commute!

If your office is close to your home, then ditch your cars and give walking another go. You can even bike to your workplace for a fun activity in the morning. Walking, jogging or biking your way to your office not only uses up your muscles but also relaxes you. Being out in the open and enjoying a quick stroll is the best way to de-stress.

You can even skateboard to your office provided that you are comfortable with it. If your commute involves taking a subway or a train, then try to remain standing for most of the journey. Try to wake up a little earlier to enjoy a quick stroll in the morning when heading to your office.

5.      Eat your heart out!

Fitness not only depends on your physical activity but also on your food intake. If you regularly rush in the morning then try to opt for a healthy breakfast on the go. Just carry some cereal in a Ziploc, and you can add milk at your desk to it. Carrying a fruit and yogurt and making a quick bowl right at your desk is also a good option.

Avoid falling for unhealthy options like donuts or a regular bagel right in the morning. Try to squeeze in fiber and some nutrients in order to keep yourself full as well as perfectly satiated. You can make egg frittata muffins over the weekend that you can use during the week. Grab a healthy fruit smoothie mixed with a bit of java to quicken your breakfast with some added wholesome nutrients.

6.      Play, play and play harder!

Incorporate fitness by making it a point to indulge in some games with your team. Make it a ritual to use the table tennis table every alternate day after the office hours before going home. This not only helps in fitness but also lets you improve your social skills. It also adds to your popularity amidst your team. A team that plays together stays together!

7.      Club together!

Fitness is not just your priority but others’ as well. Encourage your colleagues to form a mini club within the office that performs stretches and other regular exercises together. The club can perform some hardcore exercises like planks, triceps bench dips, push ups, wall sits, etc., together. You can do this by taking regular breaks in between or incorporating a fitness hour after the regular office hours.

This not only helps your fitness levels but also makes the entire team more productive and agile. In addition to this, performing exercises together is more encouraging. The club ensures that you exercise regularly without breaking the routine.

8.      Gym!

Make use of the gym if you have one in your office complex. Take out some time during the day and head to the gym. Either try to fit in a workout within your lunch or ensure that you go to the gym after office. Again, this is a good way to stay fit, as there is a chance that your colleagues will go too. You can all go together and make the workout more entertaining. You can also keep each other motivated while ensuring that all of you stay fit and regular at the gym.

9.      Break free during your lunch breaks!

Make the most of your lunch break. If you have a relatively longer lunch break then go out to grab your lunch from a takeaway. Walk to a takeaway that’s at a distance from your office. Alternatively, squeeze in half an hour of walking through the office by finishing your lunch within the other half hour. You can further go to the gym for half an hour or go out with your colleagues for a quick stroll.

10.  Stretch

Finally, no fitness regime is complete without an ample amount of effective stretching. Stretch your way to fitness with some basic stretches like back stretch, arm stretches, etc. Neck stretching and leg stretching are easier ways to soothe and rejuvenate yourself in an instant. A back twist is also a great way to release some tension in your back.

With some motivation and creativity, you can achieve fitness within your office. Make it a group activity or an individual effort. Also, do not take drastic steps before taking the requisite permissions from the authorities within your office. Try to make the exercises fun and enjoyable while also making an effort with eating right. Begin with simpler exercises and for shorter intervals. You can always make it harder once you get comfortable. This way you not only make your office a gym but also your personal training institute.