Most of us have been there. That moment of realization that dawns on us that we have spent hours creating brand new content when instead we have promised ourselves that “this was only meant to last an hour, tops!”

Imagine if there was a way that multiple pieces of content, which is in complete synergy to brand topic, serves the exact preference of your audience in how they like to consume content and can be done using very few resources and with ease.

Leveraging content in multiple ways can grow your brand presence quickly by placing your content in front of audiences in various different places online (it means you are seen in lots of different places)

Thankfully, there are a few ways in which this can be done. We are going to look at how to take one piece of content and turn it into several pieces of different types of content, and you don’t even need a big budget or a big team to make it happen.

To illustrate this, let’s track the life of the humble blog.

1) Infographic An infographic is a great way of displaying data in visually pleasing format. Your audience is more likely to consume an infographic than if the data is in text format. If the topic is unique, it has the potential of being shared across several channels by other readers.

2) Webinar – Turn each key point from your blog into webinar slides. Most webinars are used as a training and information sharing exercise from the host. This was you can connect with people around the world in real-time.

3) Ebook – Why not get paid for your content by turning it into an Ebook? These days you don’t even have to go through a publisher, you can even get self-published. I strongly recommend you get an editor to check your work before publishing

4) Email – Take snippets of your blog to create an email and send it to your list. You could even link back to your blog if you want them to read your topic in its entirety. This is also a brilliant way to touch base with your community and share content with them as we cannot assume they have actually seen it on platforms.

5) Quotes – Everyone loves a good quote image, especially on Instagram. And they love motivational or inspirational quotes even more! You can create a visually appealing one easily in minutes using an app such as Canva.

6) Article syndication – You can turn your blog into an article and submit it to blog sites accepting guest submissions. Another place to submit your article is on LinkedIn as the users like to use the platform as a source of information

7) Press release – If you have a new project or products you’re launching, a new service that’s really exciting, or a concept so unique, you can turn that blog into a press release. It can get people talking about it before launching.

8) Cheat sheet – You might have a rather lengthy, information based blog which is crying out for a makeover. To make it more digestible to your audience this can be turned into a step by step cheat-sheet.

9) Memes – People love to be entertained online. A meme usually takes an element of culture using humour which the audience relates to. Your niche perhaps has a cultural element which you can turn into a meme and your audience resonate strongly with it.

10) Podcast topic – You can transform your blog into a podcast topic and speak around it. A lot of audiences prefer to consume audible content, especially as we are living ever increasingly busy lives and want to catch-up on the go.

I know this is a top-ten list, but here is a bonus method strategy.

11) Bonus: Quiz – Back in the day it was a lot harder to create quizzes Now there are apps to help create a quiz in a few minutes. People respond well to quizzes and the interacting piece makes it a great option.

The key to making any one of these strategies a success is to take action by giving your audience valuable content. Make sure you are not scrimping on sharing the good stuff! This will help you stand head and shoulders above your competitors in the noisy online world.

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  • Sheryl Jefferson

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