With no large gatherings or events, COVID-19 has effectively turned the keynote speaking industry on its head. But with things looking brighter for the future and event managers finally adapting to the idea of online summits and conferences, these managers know that their next event will be their most important. Below is a list of 10 speakers to book for your next event, online or in person.

Lili Deveneau 

Lili Deveneau is a keynote speaker who focuses on the eradication of power-based violence. In doing so, she helps survivors of sexual abuse find strength and be heard. What resonates deeply with Deveneau’s audiences is her incredible strength to speak on her past sexual abuse and how she was able to overcome it. Deveneau’s speaking events have left her audiences empowered and determined to become better people in their personal lives. 

Jermaine Williamson

Jermaine Williamson is a speaker with over 25 years of experience providing executive level leadership support to companies ranging in size from Fortune 500 all the way down to startups. Williamson’s experience coupled with his charismatic, motivating personality have left the individuals he has spoken to and interacted with feeling re-energized and empowered to elevate their performance to new heights.

Ken “Mr. Biz” Wentworth 

Ken Wentworth is an On-Demand CFO and public speaker. He is also a World Record powerlifter, and has leveraged this competitive drive into a prominent speaking career. Just as Mr. Biz turned heads with his athleticism, his speeches demand his audiences’ full attention. Throughout the course of his career, Mr. Biz has worked hard to leave an impact on every single person he’s interacted with. 

Deb Stellato 

Deb Stellato is an experienced motivational speaker. Her focus… igniting potential in people, teams and organizations. Deb is an insightful, inspiring, enthusiastic lover of life! Former nonprofit CEO turned coach and pivot guru, she is committed to supporting others seeking the courage to embrace change. Her speaking ignites massive insight and “aha” moments for her audiences. This “50 something” entrepreneur will leave audiences thinking differently, and re-ignited about living their best life.

Tara Renze 

Tara Renze is a keynote speaker that helps her audiences “be who they came to be”, as she uses her engagements to help her audiences elevate their emotional intelligence to find their true calling and grow on a personal and professional level. Her ability to stay agile in her talks and pivot on the spot with storytelling has allowed her to make a lasting effect on her audiences, and will for years to come. 

Glenn Anderson 

Glenn Anderson is a keynote speaker specializing in helping his audiences improve on their leadership, communication, collaboration, teamwork, and speaking skills. Anderson relies on decades of experience speaking in a corporate setting coupled with a charismatic stage presence from his time spent in improvisational comedy to both entertain and educate his audiences. As a result, he has enjoyed a tremendous career delivering presentations to audiences around the world. 

Shari Pheasant 

Shari Pheasant has a proven record of leaving a lasting impact on audiences as a keynote speaker. She inspires audiences to make immediate shifts and take action to support their professional growth. She focuses on helping companies reach their goals through an emphasis on a People First culture, and has decades of experience working with businesses across several industries. As an award-winning business expert and growth specialist with expansive knowledge, Shari delivers massive results.

Eddie Thomason 

Eddie Thomason is a motivational speaker who focuses on inspiring the next generation of children and young adults to shed limiting beliefs and pursue a life they are passionate about living. Growing up in poverty, Thomason draws inspiration in his keynotes from his background and ability to overcome his surroundings to find success as an entrepreneur, and passes his learnings onto the next generation. Thomason’s passion and heart are palpable every time he speaks. 

Matt Bennett 

Matt Bennett is a keynote speaker who consistently helps authors sell more books and make sense of the evolving world of self-publishing. Matt has sold over 5 million copies of his own books employing his proven branding and marketing strategies, and has often been dubbed the “Simon Cowell of self-publishing.”  With a captivating personality, dynamic energy and keen analytical powers, he fully engages his audiences with humor and thought-provoking questions.  The results are astonishing!

Lee Elias 

Lee Elias is a professional speaker, entrepreneur, and coach. Whenever he presents, his main goal is to bring passion and energy to every crowd he stands in front of and he strives to make sure each person leaves the room feeling inspired and ready to make a move to better their situation. The impact he leaves on both the teams he coaches and the audiences he presents to is tangible, and his journey is just beginning.