Have you ever wondered how your life would change if you escaped your 9 to 5 job and had a business that was aligned with who you are, your passion and your purpose?

I have always known that there is more to life than working in a job that “I don’t mind”.

I was in employment for 5 years and as I quickly progressed to managing the Human Resources department in a medium sized company, I started experiencing health problems that were caused by my inner conflict. My job was against my core values and personality which meant that I had to pretend to be someone else every day. This resulted in me feeling depressed, stressed and I completely lost my identity. I quickly realised that I couldn’t work in a 9 to 5 job for the rest of my life. I had to escape as soon as possible, otherwise I would get more ill.

I went on a long self-discovery journey where I found my passion and my purpose, and I turned it into a business. It took me 3 months to connect with who I was and find my passion and purpose. I fought my demons, conquered my limiting beliefs and completely changed my mindset.

I qualified as a transformational coach and within the following 5 months I escaped my job and created a successful coaching practice, Courage Within. I have helped many people successfully transition from their 9 to 5 job to having a business that is aligned with who they are, their passion and their purpose. I finally found fulfilment, meaning and purpose that I was longing for. I now live on my terms and I love my life!

Below I will share with you 10 steps that will help you align your business idea with who you are, your passion and your purpose to ensure you reach true happiness and fulfilment in your business.

Step 1- Let your Personality Shine

To align your business with who you are, you first need to be clear on your personality traits. A good starting point is to complete personality tests. The one I recommend is called Strengths Finder by Gallup. It not only highlights your personality traits, but it also recommends what business/career is aligned with your personality. This can give you a great insight into where to begin with your business idea creation.

2- Know your values

What values are most important to you? What are the things that would bring happiness and fulfilment if they were present in your life? Pick the top 5 values and ensure your business idea aligns with them.

3- Identify your strengths

Ask your friends and colleagues for feedback on your strengths. Think about skills you’ve developed, the knowledge you’ve acquired or challenges you have overcome. How would you like to utilise your strengths in your new business?

Step 4- Reflect on your experiences

Which experiences have left you most fulfilled? What about these experiences made you feel fulfilled? How could this be translated to your business?

Step 5- Know your interests

What are your interests? What do you feel passionate about? What causes do you care about? What are you doing when time flies? What would you like to fix about the world? How could these be reflected in your business?

6- Identify your ideal lifestyle

What does your ideal lifestyle look like? What does your ideal day look like? Where would you like to work? Who would you like to work with? How many hours would you like to work? Be as specific as possible and ensure your business idea will allow you to live your ideal lifestyle.

7- Know your WHY

List why you want to have your own business or why you want to move away from your 9 to 5 job. What will this give you? How will this make you feel? How will your life be different as a result? This will give you purpose and motivation.

8- Likes/Dislikes

Note your likes and dislikes from your current and previous jobs. What tasks give you energy, excitement, fulfilment and joy? What tasks bore you and annoy you? This will give you a good indication of how you want to operate in your new business.

9- Know your definition of success

When will you know you reached success? For some people it might be making a £1 million; for others it might be leading a stress-free life. Ensure your business ideal will allow you to reach your success.

10- Time alone

Have time to ‘disconnect’ from the noise around you and look inwards. Ensure you have time to reflect on your day. What irritated you? What made you feel energised? What drained your energy? What were you doing when you experienced positive emotions and feelings? This will give you an insight into what you wish to avoid and what you want to have more of in your ideal business. Keep a journal of these reflections. I would also recommend meditating every day.

I want you to courageously leave behind what is not working for you and dare to have it all. You have so much potential, don’t waste it! Take control of your life and create the business you want, on your terms.


For more information, visit www.couragewithin.co.uk or email me on [email protected]