10 Surprising Facts About Portugal

Are you ready to learn some surprising facts about Portugal? Well, then you are in right place. Despite its diminutive size, the Portuguese have a natural ability to narrate stories in a detailed and colorful manner about its hard labor, perseverance, and spirit of venture.

Country in General:

Officially designated as the Portuguese Republic, Portugal is one of western Europe’s oldest countries. It has an Atlantic Ocean coastline that is primarily centered on the Iberian Peninsula. It covers an area of 92,090 square kilometers. Its capital Lisbon is also considered the largest city in the country. Portugal’s official language is Portuguese, and the official currency is the Euro (€). Portugal’s big attraction remains the same as it has for over 40 years, as the country is blessed with a gorgeous coastline, mild climate, and some of the world’s most sublime beaches.

Climate Condition:

Portugal is one of the hottest nations in Europe. The yearly temperature averages in mainland Portugal are around 150 C in the north and 180C in the south. The spring and summer months are often bright, with maximum temperatures averaging between 350C and 400C in the center and 300 C and 350 C in the north. Autumn and winter are generally wet and windy, however, bright days are not uncommon. Temperatures seldom dip below 50C near the shore, averaging 100 C but might drop to below 00C. Snow is prevalent in winter in the northern hilly areas, particularly in Serra da Estrela, although it melts fast once the season ends.


For centuries, Portugal was known for its naval power and they were in the epicenter of the age of discovery, a time in European history when the exploration of overseas routes became a crucial component in the game of European supremacy.

Portugal is an interesting nation with a strong history, breathtaking stories that can be sensed in every city through their Medieval castles, and from the busy capital to the scaled-down picture-perfect towns and countrysides with beautiful landscape views. Here is a collection of 10 surprising facts about Portugal that will make you astonished.

Portugal is one of Europe’s oldest countries

Portugal has been an autonomous monarchy since 1143, and its continental borders were defined in 1297, making it one of Europe’s oldest countries. The destruction of Lisbon in an earthquake held in 1755, Napoleonic wars, a revolution in 1910, and the rules of oppressive regimes made the country lose much of its riches and position.

Portugal once owned half of the New World

From 1815 until 1822, the unified entity was known as the United Kingdom of Portugal, Brazil, and the Algarves. After the monarch returned to Portugal in 1821, the kingdom was dissolved. As a result, the nation declared independence from Portugal shortly after.

Portugal was the earliest naval power of the world that the motherland of history’s most famous globetrotter

Portugal was at the cutting edge of European investigation in the fifteenth and sixteenth hundred years. Vasco de Gama found the ocean course to India, and Bartholomew Diaz was quick to cruise around the southern tip of Africa; he called this the Cape of Good Hope.

Portugal’s capital witnessing the oldest bookstore in the World

Bertrand Chiado bookshop, located in the capital of Portugal Lisbon was founded in 1732. It was owned by Pedro Faure. After the destruction of the shop in the great Lisbon earthquake, it was rebuilt.

Among the world’s oldest universities, one is found in Portugal

In 1290, the University of Coimbra instituted by the academics of Portuguese was considered as one of the world’s oldest universities. In 2013 UNESCO declared the university as a world heritage site.

England-Portugal, the oldest political union of the world

The England-Portugal political union was established in 1373 and is considered the world’s oldest union that is still effective today. To defend one another, both nations joined their hands together.

The most famous exported drink Port wine is Portugal’s national drink

Port wine is a sweet and very alcoholic drink made up of grape spirit and goes through fermentation. The wine is stored in a very fashioned way in oak barrels or steel containers and it can last for 2 to 6 years. Near Porto, Douro Valley’s hillsides are one of the world’s most beautiful valleys exclusively cultivating Port wine grapes.

15 world heritage sites powered by UNESCO

Portugal has become one of the world’s top 20 most visited nations, due to having 15 world heritage sites powered by UNESCO. These are all cultural sites and essential in tourism.

Country of Tiles

Portugal is a country where medieval colorful castles can be spotted everywhere. The castles are made up of tiles and there is wide use of various tiles that make the country known as “Country of Tiles”. If you want to learn about the evolution and history of tiles, you can visit the national tile museum in Lisbon.

Leading the world by using Renewable energy

The country is mostly using its renewable energy sources such as solar power, hydropower, wind power. According to a survey by July 2014, the country used almost 70% of the total energy consumption from renewable energy. Near the municipality of Moura sites, the world’s largest solar field is placed. Innovative initiatives including the wind float, a floating wind farm, and the wave roller, turns into the remarkable step for making ocean waves into energy and power.

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