family together
family together
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Familial relationships are so impactful on our lives that it stands to reason that having good, healthy ones can only be beneficial to our health and well-being. In fact, there is a good deal of research to support this.

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When my nephew was born, I was so ecstatic I cried. Everyone talks about the joys of being a parent, but few people tell you how amazing it is to be an aunt (or an uncle).

Here are 10 surprising truths of aunthood, based on my experience. Let me know at the end if you’ve experienced the same!

1) Family Comes Together

Sometimes, family relationships can be strained. While having a new little one isn’t the solution, it can lead to better, healthier relationships between family members.

It can also bring people closer together geographically. Before my brother told me they were expecting, I was living in another country, struggling with the idea of moving back home or not. Hearing about my soon-to-be nephew made the decision much easier.

2) New Clarity and Perspective

Becoming an aunt brought me both clarity and focus. Knowing there would be a new member of the family brought with it a certain lucidness about where I was in life, and my own goals for the future.

Gaining a bit of perspective also gave me a calmer mental state, which improved my mental and emotional well-being.

3) Increased Motivation

Not only did my motivation to succeed grow, but my overall productivity did as well. Why?

Because knowing there’s a little one out there who could someday look up to me made me want to do more. Be more.

4) Improved Habits

It may not happen overnight – it certainly didn’t for me –, but my habits have slowly, surely improved. Sure, I may spend some of my evenings vegging out on the couch watching Netflix, but only after I’ve been productive for the day. Becoming an aunt has made me reevaluate my habits.

After all, I’m a role model now, and the same goes for you if you have a new little one in the family. Whether you want to or not, you’re setting an example for them. Make it a good one.

5) Greater Sense of Responsibility

Having a nephew has only added to my desire to become more responsible, particularly with personal finances and my own day-to-day choices.

6) More Compassion

I’ve always considered myself to be a strong listener, but even I can be impatient with the people I care about. When there’s a child looking up to you, however, it’s suddenly a heck of a lot easier to be more caring and less selfish in your choices.

7) Love Before First Sight

You may expect this one already, but it still hit me by surprise. I always knew I wanted to be an aunt, but I truly had no idea how much the news would impact me. Before I ever met my nephew in person, I already knew I loved him.

8) Spark in Creativity

Young kids especially get bored easily, so it’s important to come up with new ideas to keep them entertained. Plus, who doesn’t want to be the fun aunt?

9) Raised Standards

Not only have my cooking and cleaning standards been raised, I’m also now hyper aware of anything that could negatively impact my nephew.

When it comes to food, you’re going to need to be creative in the kitchen. Remember, nutritional value matters, but so does taste. And most kids are notorious for being picky.

(Don’t worry, you can still give them ice cream or chocolate).

10) More Open-Mindedness

And finally, nothing ever goes as planned when kids are involved. So, rather than letting it bother you, learn to go with it. It’ll be fine as soon as you accept that things will change on a dime.

Trust me, your personal well-being and your family will thank you.

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Final Thoughts

So, how about you? Have you experienced something similar? Or is there something missing that you’re dying to share – I’m ready to listen!