Have you ever felt that your life is moving on an auto-pilot mode? Without any new adventures, without any new aspirations; you are living your life following the same old routine. That’s the time when we feel that we need to work on something to move out of this zone. This something is nothing, but you. YES! If you are utterly craving for rejuvenation or some change in your daily boring routine, then you need to work on yourself first, rather than figuring out other stuff.

Why is it important to work on yourself?

Working on yourself allows you to lead a more empowered and confident life, by allowing you to rectify your mistakes and making you a better person. In other words, you can become the best version of yourself only by working on yourself.

Here is a list of 10 signs which if you notice in your behaviour, is a clear signal that you need to restart your life from the scratch, by working towards your self-improvement.

1. Nothing interests you any more

You end up feeling lost most of the time. Whether it’s your birthday or any other special occasion, whether it’s the excitement to meet an old friend or going to a party with your colleagues, you are not at all excited for any such occasion. Forget about actively participating in those lists. It seems as if you are just passing your time for the sake of moving forward but not actually living your life to the fullest.

2. Feeling demotivated all the time

Maybe because of different challenges that life throws at you while growing up, or because of unstoppable rejections you are facing in different aspects of your life, you end up feeling demotivated all the time.

3. Getting irritated soon

When you don’t get what you want in your life, your dissatisfaction turns into anger and irritation. Forget about being happy, you get irritated over small issues, which you could have easily solved otherwise.

If you don’t take the necessary steps to stop this behaviour of yours, this anger and irritation will be soon converted into desperation, which is again a deadly and toxic ingredient for your mental health.

4. Pessimism

Your circumstances, or to be more precise, your perception towards your circumstances have made you a person who is on the glass-half-empty side of the spectrum. That is a person who sees a problem in every situation.

“I am a loser.”

“I can’t do this.”

It’s over, I give up.”

These are the frequently used statements by such a person. No matter how hard you try, these are the thoughts that then become your realities, which often degrade your situation.

5. Lack of focus

You are not focused on any particular work or anything that you do. Rather, anxieties and worries have become your constant companions all this time. And you don’t even know, how to focus on your priorities again.

6. Insomnia

Overthinking has made you an insomniac. And because you are not able to sleep, you tend to think more. Yes, you have been trapped here.

7. Devote hours and hours in distraction.

Checking each and every social media sites multiple times a day, despite knowing that you won’t find anything new or special, starting an addictive movie or web series only in order to pass your time, sleeping at inappropriate times because of the heavy fast foods you just had; these are some of the destructive behaviours which distraction has taught you. The more you think of avoiding these distractions, the easier it becomes for you to be distracted.

8. Procrastinating your work

You are always ready with a lot of excuses for not completing your required work. And if by chance, you take any work in your hand to complete, there are high chances that you are doubtful of yourself, whether you would be able to complete that work successfully or fail again. That’s the reason you have become prone to procrastination and laziness too.

9. Always confused regarding the decisions you take

You seem to be confused most of the time, which affects your decision-making capabilities too. You even don’t want to involve anyone in this because you don’t want to talk to them. Talking to people amplifies your confusion.

10. Feeling disconnected with yourself

All this time, you have been hurting or blaming yourself by practising negative self talk again and again. It seems the person whom you hate the most in this world is none other than the person you see when you stand in front of a mirror. The definition of self care is useless to you, because you don’t feel any connection to your inner soul or your vibes.

Things to work on yourself

Now that we are aware of its importance, the question arises what are the things where we need to work at? And we have a long list for this.

  • Work on improving your bad habits.
  • Make priorities, and try to shift your focus into your priorities.
  • Always be curious to learn something new.
  • Be healthy physically, mentally, emotionally as well as spiritually.
  • Just try to give your best in each and every work you do, rather than overthinking or overanalyzing any situation.

How can you work on yourself?

When things don’t go in the right way, none of the above advice works. Am I right?

We all know we should do this or that, but the question arises how? How do you do so? Moreover, it’s so difficult to even start your journey for self-improvement.

To solve this problem, first of all, you have to keep in mind that everything takes some time to prosper. Remember, Rome was not built in a day. So, you need to give yourself some time. Moreover, you have not become like this in a single day; in the same way, you can’t get out of this dangerous zone instantaneously. Once you have accepted this, the next step involves following these tactics one by one, slowly without compelling yourself to do so.

  • Accept yourself along with your imperfections. You are not perfect, that’s the reason you mess up sometimes, and it’s completely fine to do so.
  • Invest some time in your hobbies to make yourself happy. This will also help you to shift yourself from distractions.
  • Appreciate yourself for all the good qualities you possess. If you are not able to figure out this, talk to your family members or close ones, and they will give you hundreds of such reasons to do so.
  • Practice some self-care routines. This includes taking care of your health and not just neglecting it. Eat healthy, stay hydrated and try to take a proper amount of sleep.
  • Find something that keeps you busy. As when you are busy, no such unwanted or toxic thought comes into your mind.
  • Treat yourself with the social media detox in a month, and spend some time alone or with nature. You will feel much lighter and happier.
  • Read books or try writing journals.


It’s completely fine to go off track sometimes because we know very well that life is not a bed of roses. Everyone is worried or sad for a large number of reasons. You don’t even realize when all your hopes are shattered in a matter of time. At that point of time, our behaviors are similar to the above-mentioned 10 symptoms, which is completely okay. But what’s not okay is to not attempting for coming back on track.

Be miserable, or motivate yourself. Whatever has to be done, it’s always your choice.

Wayne Dyer

Unless you invest some time in working for yourself, you won’t be able to figure out what wrong you have been doing all this time or what else you can do to improve yourself. The choice is yours.

Hope this post helps.

Originally published at talkingconcept.com.