10 Things Every Global Business Owner Should be Grateful For

Sometimes we need reminders on why we do what we do in business. Here are ten reasons for global business owners to be thankful and hopeful for in 2020.

1. You have customers.

Even if your customer base isn’t quite where you would like it, it could be worse and you likely still have a key group of loyal customers to be thankful for, especially those who buy from you from thousands of miles away.

2. You have customers who pay on time.

Having only a handful of customers who pay on time is worth its weight in gold versus having hundreds of customers who pay late or possibly not at all.

3. Money in the bank.

If you have enough money to put food on the table, can pay your bills and dip into your savings from time to time to cover theatre tickets on a rainy day, it’s more than most people have in life.

4. Support from friends, family and pets.

So often we forget the love, strength and support we get from friends, family and our pets during the course of running our business. Without these precious people and loving animals, our journey would not have the sense of purpose that we all so terribly desire in order to live a meaningful life.

5. The Internet.

Without an Internet connection, we would not have the ability to easily sell our products all over the world nor would we be able to find great suppliers in remote parts of the world to make the products we invent.

6. Social media and networking platforms.

The ease of connecting with people all over the world, whether it is a supplier in Vietnam or a customer in Turkey, makes tapping into global business opportunities seem like a walk in the park.

7. Drive, passion and hopefully good health.

Whether you are an entrepreneur, global business owner, middleman, agent or service provider, drive and passion are two key ingredients needed to be successful in any endeavor. Toss in good health and you’ve got it made. Yet it’s easy to take those qualities for granted and totally forget their importance. The day you lose your drive and passion for what you do for a living is the day the earth will stand still, especially if everyone loses it on the same day!

8. Transportation companies.

Sure, it’s easy to do business in Ireland, but what would happen if all the transportation companies in the world responsible for moving products from one country to another disappeared? Worse yet, what would happen if you couldn’t order a Uber or Lyft ride, rent a car, jump on a train or hop on a plane to get to where you want to go? Not only should we salute these folks when it comes to making global business activities possible, we should also thank our lucky stars that what they offer is also affordable!

9. Payment methods.

In the old days and dependent upon what we were selling, we’d either consult with our banker on the best method of payment on a global business transaction, which typically consisted of a Letter of Credit opened by your customer at his bank in your favor or you would wait for a wire transfer or check to be sent in advance of the sale. Thanks to technology, we have thousands of choices now to speed up the payment process – from PayPal to Square to PayAnywhere – yet we still need our bankers!

10. You are doing what you love.

The global economy is based on a world in which borderlessness is no longer a dream or an option, but a reality. By doing what you love in the field of global business, you are making a dream come true. That’s something to never take for granted!