As a creative working on a freelance basis, I can’t help but muse about my days in the corporate world. There is a lot I learned that I apply to my work today. I am a writer.

The 10 things that stood out for me include the following:

1. If your work philosophy sucks then your paycheck sucks. Office “go- slows” do not get you what you want-higher pay. Instead they get you what you don’t want-bad appraisals.

2. There are always opportunities to advance in your career. They are just dressed as stretch assignments that no one wants to do. Do them and you will find yourself in your boss’s good books plus an unforeseen salary increment.

3. The extra mile will endear you to your boss, colleagues, clients and stakeholders. Guess who your boss will go to first to give a promotion? You!

4. Automating your operating system helps you work smarter and achieve more results. You are able to give real time information to your clients. They won’t go anywhere else. They will always bring their business to you. Everyone wants information fast. The faster the better.

5. Pay attention to how you build your business. It is the same model that you will replicate when you want to expand and open another branch.

6. To cut down on fraud, give employees different access levels to the operating system. No one person should have the authority to do everything the system.

7. Reconciling your bank account daily helps you keep tabs on your cash flow. You are never caught unaware with evils like bouncing cheques.

8. Not everyone will understand why you got the job. Do it anyway!

9. You may need to sit in for your boss in high level meetings, always be prepared.

10. Sometimes the job isn’t for you. Accept and move on.

Learning from your previous work experiences helps you make fewer mistakes and perform better. Some lessons may seem small but they will save you a ton of money and stress. This gives you more mental room to enhance your creativity and productivity.


  • Josephine Ngatia

    Freelance Writer

    Josephine Ngatia is a Freelance Writer, who specializes in content related to Christian teachings, God-given purpose and work, just to mention a few. She is the author of three eBooks: Life Purpose: A Beginner's Guide; Demystifying the Grey Kingdom: The Truth about the Kingdom of Light and the kingdom of Darkness; and Maiden Book: How to Plan, Outline and Write Your First Book. When not writing, Josephine enjoys a cup of Kenyan tea, reading books and having deep conversations with friends. Throw in a movie once in a while. You can find Josephine on her blog: