These things are based on my own experience. I am continually on a journey, and call myself a ‘work in progress’.

1. Pray – Refresh your mind daily through prayer. It is the greatest connection to your creator. A spiritual cleansing of your mind.

2. Eat well – I am a multitasker, and as much as I want to be completely logical and organised, I still mix some things up. This occasionally makes me appear scatty! In the past, I used to go for weeks without properly drinking water – 2 litres a day, eating my greens, and hardly any fruits. I had low energy level, and suffered from permanent skin breakout. Quality food is an essential fuel, and our diet should consist mainly of vegetables, fruits, nuts, and natural whole food. It should be a minimum of 5-10 portions of these per day. Meat and Fish should be eaten in moderation. If possible, eat organic, but not everyone can do this. The best thing is to ensure all fruits and veg are thoroughly washed. A good diet removes sluggishness, and quickens the mind.

Photo by Nielsen Ramon (Unsplash)

3. Exercise – I picked up exercising some years back, but disliked the gym, and took up swimming. I grew to dread dipping myself in the cold water of the fitness pool, especially in our continuously chilly English weather. Then I started to suffer from chest pains. I got it checked out and all was well, but that deterred me further. It got worse as I got busier, and I continued to postpone exercising because ‘I was too busy’. Finally, I booked for group exercise classes, and it was the best decision I ever made. The first 2 weeks was hell! My joints ached, and I would fall into bed each night, totally exhausted! It started to slowly get better, and I began to build up stamina, and realised I felt light and happy, after every exercise. Now, I have added Zumba and Pilates. I love the Soca music in my Zumba class, and I think I might become best soca dancer in the UK! If you can dance Soca, reach out to me and let’s compete!

Photo by Bruce Mars (Unsplash)

4. Avoid Toxic People – Negative people, be it family or friends, can kill your dreams or drain you. Avoid people that see your potential, and want to use it for their own selfish purpose. Run from them as fast as you can. Just like the Ginger Bread man! But mind you, watch out for that Fox! Instead, link up with like-minded folks that will nurture and infuse you with fresh purpose and energy.

5. Avoid Mind Garbage – Perhaps, it is attaining maturity and getting older, but I found out that once I started to pick the things I wanted to see and hear, I gained more clarity in my goal. I have not watched TV in a long time, and I do not watch the news, except a quick scan of the headlines, then I shut that noise off for the day. In terms of entertainment, I read a lot of books, listen to fantastic podcasts, Tim Ferriss – I hail you! If I want light entertainment, I choose the ‘garbage’ that I want to watch. I know that seems contradictory but sometimes, I want light entertainment. I go to something like Netflix, Amazon or similar, and pick the particular programs I love, and watch that. Am I boring, maybe, but I am happier!

6. Educate Yourself – My 75-year-old Aunty introduced me to Cryptocurrency! More on this in another article. I admire her spirit because she taught herself technology, and to renew her body and mind. When she realised there was too much junk on the web, and it took too long to distinguish from good to bad information, she turned to paying for what she required. Education can be at any level, and in anyway. Just keep learning each day. Absorb and read things that interest you; add them to your action plans. It will enable you to wake up fresh and ready, to face another day.

Photo by Alex Harvey(Unsplash)

7. Sleep and Relax – The popular saying says that ‘all work and no play makes Jackie a dull girl’ or something like that. If your name is Jackie, and you’re reading this, please do not take offence. Do I relax, do I play? I did tell you that I was a ‘work in progress’. I am learning to sleep and to relax. My worst habit in the past was to stay up till 2 or 3 am, or when the birds are tweeting, just to complete work. I was a pure workaholic! I now sleep, and try and get my 7+ hours sleep (okay, I am trying to!). As for relaxation, I love watching food programmes, period drama, and socialising.  Go out with friends, family and social networks. Widen your network, and make new friends! Not too bad eh?

8. Give – Giving is the best thing taught by God. Carve out time from your busy schedule to give of your time, money or whatever you can afford to do. I give time in church, but always feel it is not enough. I have regular monthly donations to charity (a few people do not believe in this, and that is fine). I even give to my family and friends. The most precious commodity we have to give is time, as it is easier to give money. Carve out time with loved ones, and many other ways. It really does give a feeling of fulfilment.

9. Social Media – Not everyone is into this. But in the world that we live in, it is becoming essential to be in. You really have to use this well. My best medium is Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Telegram, as well as Reddit. I am working on the other ones. Twitter has turned me to a Poet- I am forced to compress my words! Through Social Media, I have connected directly with those that I admire, and reached out to them.

10.Do not Try to Re-invent the Wheel – Ecclesisates 1-9 says “What has been will be again, there is nothing new under the sun.”

Any innovation is created on top of a previous one. Facebook could not have existed without the Internet. Use what is already there to create something new. Do not be afraid to be different, but do not waste time starting from scratch. Seek advice, cut out years from your idea, invention or whatever you want to call it. Search for someone you admire and shadow, or get them to be your mentor. I still haven’t succeeded in reaching out to Richard Branson, but I consider him one of my mentors! Tim Ferriss is another. Laura Shin of Unchained Podcast is another. I just love her commitment to Blockchain! It is just to let you know that you can follow and learn from some mentors you admire, and they might not even be aware that they are mentoring you!

There you have it! I hope I have been able to help to bring clarity to things. It certainly has helped me, and continues to do so.  


  • Stella Oni

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    Stella was born in Clapham, London, brought up in Nigeria and lives in London.   She has a degree in Linguistics and African Languages from the University of Benin and a MSc in Information Systems and Technology from City University, London. Stella is a writer and speaker. She is the founder of the blog African Britishness where she writes on culture, travel, food, health and wellbeing, As an avid foodie, when she is not writing she is cooking up exotic cuisine or decorating cakes.  Stella’s  dream is to travel to different parts of the world to taste and experience food from different cultures. She believes that her experience of growing within two worlds has given her a unique perspective and she is happy to share this. Stella's crime manuscript, Deadly Sacrifice, a police procedural set in London and Nigeria, was shortlisted for the SI Leeds Literary Prize in 2016 and will be published by Jacaranda Books Art Music in 2020. Stella is currently working on the 2nd in the series, writing the first of an exciting brand new series as well as doing some non-fiction writing! Get my 20 best Podcasts and Blogs here