Photo By: Dane Deaner

While introverts may find some peace in Q-Tine extroverts are feeling like they might be in an episode of an ‘ole Looney Tune cartoon. That moment when Bugs Bunny gets crazy eyes, lips fold and one ear droops…. No? Well, then let me put it this way… extroverts can feel like the mean girls shunned them out and they are home eating ice cream in bed alone.

Either generation, we are all trying to figure it out.

God Bless America, I am on the cusp of the dueling verts and so while all my introvert needs are smooth, my extrovert needs are being cradled with such things as snapchat/group chats and the like. But this wasn’t written to be about me… it’s to help you.

So, drum roll please, here are ten things to help you stay sane during the outbreak.

1. Up your physical routine: (Don’t roll your eyes at me – you know who you are) HEY! You’re not stuck in at work all day and the weather is becoming so nice! (some days)

Keeping your body going = keeping your brain going and that’s important. It’s also healthy for your emotional and physical well-being. Extroverts, you might just actually see people across the street you can wave to and have a six-foot distant conversation! Besides, summer is around the corner so rather if the ‘Q’ is lifted or not… you’re going to put a swimsuit on sometime!

2. Sharpen your Home Economics: There is no better time than TODAY to practice cooking, take on knitting, learn to sew… all those little things you complained you didn’t have time for. If, you don’t have one already, start a Pinterest account to find some inspiration. Great news is YouTube has tons of HOW TO videos. I believe that’s how one of my good friends taught herself knitting! (Or crocheting…. or knitting… I don’t know the difference).

3. Give your Living Quarters TLC: Look, your living quarters has never been so important as they are in your current situation of the BIG Q. Inhale designs for your mental health and exhale spring cleaning for your physical health. (Weren’t sure IF you were going to get to spring cleaning this year, were you? Surprise! You have time!) Seriously, there are so many people that update their homes to move and then wonder why they have never done it before. You finally have a great excuse for shopping online.

4. Binge those Tv Shows: Your Netflix que was looking really congested with your busy schedule… good thing (while learning how to knitor crochet) you finally have the time to…. Netflix and chill.” You can catch up on your childhood favorites (all the Avengers movies you’ve been meaning to watch in chronological order) with Disney+, Prime Video… I mean you have LOTS to choose from these days to binge! (Just don’t forget number one on this list – and get outside too)

5. Find a New Hobby: Think of that thing you wanted to take on but never had the time for… Wood Working? Painting? Drawing? Writing? Baking? Craft? Floral arranging? Learning all the Fort Night dances so your kids think you are a little cooler? Well, great news! You don’t have any more excuses to not do these things and you will be able to PERFECT it!

6. READ: Has the words, “I don’t have time to read,” escaped your mouth over the years? Gueeeesssss what? And you want to know what’s even better? You can still get free books from the library with apps such as Libby (I listen to audio books while I walk). If you have books at home accumulating dust, time to blow it off and catch up!

7. Play Games: Rather if you are downloading new apps on your phone, using a remote controller or gathering the family for, my favorite, ‘ole fashion board games the possibilities are endless. Extroverts, this is a chance for you to get your social on and win! (or lose… doesn’t matter, it’s just about having fun – that’s what my mom always said.)

8. Picnic: When the weather cooperates, or if it doesn’t and you want to pop-a-squat on the floor, maybe next to the fireplace, a picnic always makes you feel like you’re having fun. Want to invite a couple of friends? Set up a Facebook invite for a certain date and then group phone/snap chat/facetime while you all gush about the foods you packed in your basket. Catch up on all the stay at home activities you’ve be doing!

9. Adopt or Foster an Animal: Always thought about extending the family but never really felt like you had enough time for the housebreaking, training, adjustments to a new fur friend/family member? Well now the universe has tilted in your favorite to find that meant to be mate. If you aren’t ready for the full commitment of, I DO, well, fosters are heavily needed since ‘Q-tine’ staff is minimized at the shelters and volunteers have to stay home. The TLC is minimized without the human help…they are scared, their sad eyes, nervous shaking, sitting in metal cages confused again why things are upside down… dreaming of you. Help out if you can! (To find shelters in your area visit: Petfinder and shelter emails will be available to find out what you can do.)

10. Be Kind: Lastly, in the midst of all the crazy, be kind! When you are kind and reach out to others, (six-feet away: social media, phone, email etc.) what takes you a second could mean a million to someone who is feeling extra lonely or isolated that day. Maybe you can sync devises for a friendly game of ‘ole Word With Friends, suggest a book read… make sure they don’t need a porch drop and run (that’s what I call it these days), or maybe just someone to listen and put an optimistic wedge in their cloudy day. It makes them feel good. It makes you feel good. It’s a win all around.

Remember, to keep your mind sharp, your body healthy, and your emotional well-being on the up! Give yourself lots of TLC. Enjoy the flashbacks to your youth when you had all the time in the world to take on new passions and GO FOR IT!

Photo By: Gage Walker