Whether you work at home or work in an office, you want to feel comforted throughout the day or welcomed at the end of each day.

Advice My Mother Gave Me

If you have not used it in 2 years, you probably will not be using it“. Give it to charity if it is still in good condition. If not, throw it away.

Put things back in their appropriate place”.  If you moved it from the bookshelf, put it back when you are finished.  If it came out of the coat closet, return it to the closet once you are finished using it.  Keep your space neat and tidy.

10 Things That Make A Home Relaxing

  • Have comfortable furniture in your home. Invest in chairs and sofas that support your back and neck.  Make sure to choose material and colors that soothe you.
  • Keep you space as dust free as possible; therefore, thoroughly clean your apartment/home once a week. You may prefer cleaning on the weekends because you can spread it out over two days, if it’s a bigger space.  Try to avoid the use of harsh chemicals when cleaning. This also improves your pulmonary health.
  • Do not let your dirty laundry overflow the basket. If you are fortunate and can do a load frequently, that is probably best. Do your laundry once the bins are full. If you have the space, sort your laundry before you head to the laundry room.
  • Keep your space smelling clean and if you are into aromatherapy, use it. Consider candles, they are not only decorative, but they also freshen the air and create a warm and inviting ambience. However, do be careful not to place them too close to drapes and any material that can be a potential fire hazard. Dried flowers and herbs also can be used to freshen your home. If you can, keep a window slightly open so that air can circulate and prevent the stale smell of a closed in space. 
  • Clearly differentiate your dining area, workspace, and den/living room. Decorate each area appropriately so that you will be comfortable while you dine, work, or relax. 
  • Most people will be tempted to eat something if they know it is in their home or they can see it; therefore, only keep healthy foods and snacks in your home. This is especially helpful if you struggle to resist certain foods, know your triggers. When you simply must have a treat, buy one cookie or a slice of cake and enjoy it fully. Take your time and mindfully enjoy the experience. Look at your food.  Inhale the aromas. Appreciate the colors. Take a bite and savor the texture, enjoying the flavor as you take your time to chew each bite. Remember to put the cookie or fork down between eat bite.
  • Keep music softly playing in the background. Music does truly soothe the soul and relax you. Plus, there is also scientific evidence that classical music improves your cognitive function.
  • If you are spiritual or religious, have an area dedicated for that purpose if you can. It should be a private space and only accessible to you. Make it part of your daily routine to spend time in your healthy spiritual practice.
  • Keep your home free of excess stuff because it not only clutters the home and make it look junky; it makes it difficult to find things. Clutter also overwhelms the mind and causes frustration as you wade through piles searching for something that you desperately want.  These negative emotions can discolor your day.
  • Make up your bed every day and remember to change your bed linens at least once a week. When you get ready for bed at nights, you will be welcomed by the inviting sight of a made bed.