Commit to do these 10 things at least once a day, and a year from now, you will have a completely different life!

1. Keep your word to yourself or others (especially when it’s hard to do)!

2. Move your body – even if it’s to walk around the block or stretching on a mat.

3. Eat vegetables.

4. Acknowledge and thank one person in a specific and meaningful way.

5. Resist velcro-ing yourself to one bullshit thought or random belief.

6. Give something away (a thing, a kind word, money) without expecting anything in return.

7. Replace one act of pleasing (yourself or others) with an act of service (towards yourself or others).

8. Become more conscious of your breathing.

9. Learn less but apply one thing you’ve already learned.

10. Forgo one act of buffering (alcohol, drugs, social media, etc…).