Your parents are Gods special gift to you. They are not only responsible for bringing the child to the earth, they are also responsible for nurturing the child, providing care, love and support that makes the child feels wanted on the earth. Good parents are one of the best gifts of life.

Mothers, in particular, have closer and more cordial relationship with the child because they were the ones who had actually experienced the excruciating pain in child labour to deliver the child. This creates a very special relationship between the child and the mother. Your mother is your first friend in life because she is the first face you can recognize through the process of breastfeeding.

Your mother is also your first teacher in life because she is the one who is responsible for teaching you the first basic lessons of life and took you through proper hygiene in toilet training.

The teaching continues, hence the learning…

Your mother is never tired of teaching you even as you grow older in life and now has the ability to make your choices. You must never become too independent to learn from your mother because of her wealth of experience in life. In your mother, you have a confidant who accepts your flaws and appreciates your strength. A safe haven you can always run to who does not get tired of you is your mum. She is never tired of teaching you, you should not get tired of learning from her too.

10 important things you will regret not asking your mum when you can

Below are some 10 vital things in life you need to learn from your mum not by just observing her but by hearing from the horse’s mouth. You may just have assumptions that are wrong if you don’t ask her but only draw your conclusions through mere observation.

#1 What did I say I will become when I was young?

The best time for self-discovery is when you were very young and innocent and the pressures of life have not affected your goals and aspirations. You don’t have to be one of the many people today who only do things for the sake of making money. When you listen to your heart a lot of times, you find yourself yearning for an experience of fulfilment which your current job is not offering you. If you ask your mother, those pure dreams you had when you were young about what you intend to be in life when you grow up can help you discover the answer to some very important questions bothering you.

#2 How do I remain calm in spite of provocation?

Your mother is an epitome of patience. You would have watched her being provoked a lot of times by people and sometimes even by your father and yet she chose to be calm and patient. This is a virtue a lot of people don’t have today and some people even see it as a weakness when you don’t react when provoked. It is a very vital strength and no one else can teach you how to acquire this virtue better than your mum. You will regret not asking your mum this when you still have the opportunity.

#3 How do I not give up on people?

Your mum believed the best about you and even when you disappointed her, she still kept on expecting that you will someday turn out well. This may take a very long time but mothers by their nature know how to keep going and not give up. Sometimes the marriage is not looking like the bright prospect it looked like initially but she chose to stay put just to nurture you and hope for things to get better in the meantime.

#4 Why did you choose to stick with my father?

This is a very important question for you regardless of your gender. It is more important especially when you have a dad you feel was never worth sticking with due to some reasons are best known to you. As a guy, the answer to this question will help you see things or qualities your dad had that you never noticed but she saw and made her stick with your dad.

As a lady, the answer to that question will help you to be more objective in judging a man in the future if you currently don’t have one in your life now.

#5 Do you think we are alike?

The answer to this question may be the end to any conflict that may be arising between you and your mum. If she feels you are not like her in some particular ways, this may make her expect that you improve in that aspect and failure to do this may result in some conflicts that are avoidable between the two of you.

Hence, endeavour to ask her so that both of you can be on the same page and enjoy a more cordial mother and child relationship.

#6 Is there anything you will like to tell me but have never been able to?

Sometimes due to your mum feeling that you may not be matured enough to take something or may not take it well, she may not want to tell you. However, you can make her tell you when she sees your openness and maturity in being bold enough to ask her yourself. It will encourage her to talk to you about some important things she wishes to discuss with you before then and you may be surprised what you may discover as a result of taking this simple step.

#7 when did you realize that you are becoming matured?

You may be surprised to find out about the important event that had taken place in the life of your mum that made her realized that she is no longer a child and need to step up her game. You may be experiencing the same thing and not make any big deal out of it. Her response can jolt you back to reality and help you start approaching life with a greater degree of seriousness.

#8 Is there something you wish I can do for You?

Death is inevitable. Hence, people who lose their mums a lot of time are not just sad because she died but for the fact that they wished they had done more for her when she was still alive. Ask your mum her greatest desire in life and you may be surprised to find out that is something that is within your reach to help her accomplish. Don’t live in regret after she is gone, ask her now that you can.

#9 Is there anything you wished you asked your parents?

This will help you also ask the right questions from your own mother. Ask your mother what she wished she had asked her own mother too and you will be amazed at the wisdom you will be getting by doing this.

#10 If you have the chance to be a mum again, what would you have changed?

This is a question that will make you drink from the pool of the wisdom of your mum due to her rich experience in life. Her regrets will be your strength because you will deliberately avoid her mistakes and this will guarantee a better life for you.


Your mother has a lot of things she will like to let you know if only you will ask her. You will wish you have asked her when she is gone. Hence, don’t hesitate, ask her now when she is still alive and you will be a better person through that. 

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